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why don't ugly men or men without money admit that they can never be with a woman?

They don’t want to admit that

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does it matter if the person you love has a college degree

No. But I’d prefer they have another plan whether it be trade or business or somthing

If I would tell you that I want to go out with you, would you go with me?

Depends who you are. If I like you or if you’re cute

should it be a crime for people not to help women who are experiencing violence or not to report it to the police

I don’t know about crime. But those people should be looked down upon for not speaking

is it a problem for you to find out that the person you like is an immigrant

if they are genuine with you, you can tell. People can’t hide too long. When you see it’s safe with them, go for it.

And with all that happened, I don't understand why you get pitchy about insecurities. Y'all women play too f@&#$n much, that's why we don't give a fuxk anymore

Sorry you dealt with that


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