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سؤال بسيط بس : ليه كل الناس ماخدة فكرة انو تطبيق الآسگ بيفتحو الواحد عشان يلاقي شريك حياتو ويرتبط! شو الرابط العجيب! جد غريبين 💁"

yasmeensameh102’s Profile PhotoY°a°s°m°e°e°n°a°°
Idk, btw, don't you want to find the one....

22nd May is my birthday also 6 years on with 22 innocent lives lost in ariana grande concert do think you feel save going to concert or are still weary of your safety ?

missygls’s Profile Photoᴳᴸメ
Happy birthday to you,

Do you still believe in love?

sevwill8’s Profile Photosevwill
I think love is a transaction....
You can turn it on, you can turn it off until you can’t 🙂


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