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If your ex texted you “I love you, I want you back. “ what would be your reply?

zxerces_’s Profile Photokat
“Msg 2128 – The message could not be delivered due to a temporary network error. Please try later.”
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Are you stalking ur ex while u r happy in ur current life?

pasayevibo’s Profile Photoibo pasayev
No. I couldn’t care less about my exs. I’m married, and have more important things to worry about than some pos that abused me.

Lowkey thinking of packing my shit and moving and blocking all of the old people in my life I’m about to leave behind 🥺 especially because they were never there for me like I was them. Have you ever gone through something similar? Advice? 💖✨

princessxbunnii_’s Profile PhotoBb Bunni
No one cares.

Pov: you won the lottery, what's your first major purchase?

kayde151’s Profile PhotoKayden
I’d buy a big ass property & build a little community for my family to live in lol.
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You have 24 hours left to live, what are some things on your bucket list that would be achievable in that time?

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Go to the beach and aquarium, idk😭😂
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my dreams and goals are not happening. I have worked so hard for so many years. Time is passing by. I don’t understand why.

Sometimes you have to just pause, and reevaluate. Set different goals that will get you to the same dream.

How many times does someone have to tell you “they’re so done” before they’re finally done?? 💀

I’m so guilty of this👀😂


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