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Imagine you thinking you have the authority to condemn others lol smh

Tf oh so never 👎 I don’t play with that shit I am a child of my father god

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Why do you think the world is “bad” ?

I don’t think no such thing🤨🤔it’s the people who let them demons in their souls to do the devil dirty work is bad

Do you get scared?

No I don’t have any time to be scared of what god wants me over come in my life to see my strength and power I have to do what I’m supposed to do with my father god and his son Jesus covering me

If a man starts off asking you for your money that means he wants you right

He just want what he can get from you

So apparently you have herpes and that's the real reason you won't be with me anymore. 😒

No I don’t want to be with you anymore because you have done some fu shit to try and make me fall hard in my life that you don’t think I know about

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