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When did you notice CY/start liking him? :-)

oh no how embarrassing (ノ)´∀`(ヾ) I honestly don't remember how it happened... only that it did and I want a refund. I went from hey exo's cute hey that one's cute to WOW I AM DESPERATELY SAD ABOUT HOW LOVELY YOU ARE :'''(
I paid attention to exo during their debut only because a few of my friends liked them and I had general positive feelings about their music, but I wasn't really invested enough at that point to have a favorite (only a few 'yeahhhh I like your face' feelings etc.) When XOXO came out, I got so excited about the concept/musicality behind it that I went and listened to it obsessively, which is also when everyone discovered chanyeol could SING and before I knew it, my heart kind of erupted because I have an eternal soft spot for rappers who sing :"( Following that, there was a week of intense denial and secret tumblr tag browsing before I came to terms with admitting that yeah chanyeol's face is mY faVOriTE. And then it just seemed like the more I found out about his personality, the more he cemented that position ♡ in my heart ♡. Silly sunshine boy with a heart of gold who knits and loves music and just wants people to need him :'(
the end bye
(psa don't talk to me about chanyeol in public)

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I swear it was just last week that I went "it's sooo far awayyy," but now all of a sudden it's here and I'M NOT READY BUT I'M SO EXCITED. I can't wait for all the dumb stuff that's going to happen

i'm feeling like crap today so! name ten things that made you happy today, no matter how big or small!

aw baby :( I hope today will be better :'(
01. woke up to this amazing Pepero Day video my friend sent me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nY3eFlS2d9castronomist’s Video 103764201772 nY3eFlS2d9castronomist’s Video 103764201772 nY3eFlS2d9c
02. came across an ~new~ autumn lip color combo using products that I'd kind of forgotten about
03. this one's really vague, but I figured out a very roundabout, but creative way to solve a dilemma and it's working out better than I had anticipated
04. EXO showtime preview!! I'm so excited
05. these gifs that I left open for hours; junhwae (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘) : http://bit.ly/1gF3iTa , baekhyun: http://bit.ly/1aQrwaL , kyungsoo: http://bit.ly/HORIq3 , THIS PUPPY: http://bit.ly/1bqK4gn
06. SOS SEND HELP http://bit.ly/1cQf78l
07. someone I love very much is seeing results from something they were afraid of doing for a long time and I'm ecstatic for them
08. Majolica Majorca 'Pure Play' Winter 2013 http://www.shiseido.co.jp/mj/story/ and the BRILLIANT stop motion promotional video http://youtu.be/g-v3JfBNfyoastronomist’s Video 103764201772 g-v3JfBNfyoastronomist’s Video 103764201772 g-v3JfBNfyo
09. Team B's profiles finally went up on naver http://bit.ly/1hCcZDi lmao I'm so happy, but /I'm so sad/
10. it was my dad's birthday! we went out for a family dinner and discussed ~possible international vacation plans~

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astronomist’s Video 103764201772 nY3eFlS2d9castronomist’s Video 103764201772 nY3eFlS2d9c

list all the things that made you happy today, no matter big or small

1. I went through with my promise to hit the pool today even though it was FREEZING COLD so I'm proud of myself for not giving up. I managed 20 laps, which is less than my usual goal, but much better than I expected after a month of not doing it regularly. I've also been practicing my dolphin kick and I think I've improved a lot. I wish there were a way I could record myself so I can verify I don't look like a floppy fish, but I was really surprised when I surfaced and I'd travel a lot further than when I started working on it. My plan to become a mermaid princess is coming along nicely ( •ิ ε •ิ)
2. My mom trimmed some of the roses and now I have fresh flowers in my room ✿
3. I finished writing and posted two new blog entries that had been sitting in my drafts for almost a month
4. A galaxy 30 billion light-years away was discovered today and named the most distant galaxy ever found and that's so awesome: http://bbc.in/1eJyOMn

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top 10 chanyeol pictures >8) NEW LINKS THIS TIME >8)))))))

* I'm not giving you new links!!!!! I had to fix number 6. It's like maybe my favorite picture ever so
10?! why are you doing this to me??
I know you're not a fan of airport photos much so I hope it doesn't disappoint you that most of my favorite are airport pics lmao. I don't like the mobbing or intrusiveness, but I like seeing exo in their "regular" clothes. chanyeol's style is so boyish I love it so much
In no particular order:
01. http://bit.ly/1a1NEc3 This whole series actually - making ugly faces at things in a great outfit and lingering at makeup/skincare counters? A boy after my heart
02. http://bit.ly/1gH4UN4 This was my wallpaper for a very very long time
03. http://bit.ly/ZpQ7Mv / http://bit.ly/ZzVbuH / http://bit.ly/Hg34Do Can I lump all of these together, is that cheating?? http://fyeah-chanyeol.tumblr.com/tagged/130415
04. http://bit.ly/17gtpNt ☼ golden boy ✧ sunshine child ✰ http://bit.ly/Hct8Pu
05. http://bit.ly/1bYy2cA (more cheating) http://bit.ly/1gHbSli
06. http://bit.ly/18dYdrE THIS?!?!
07. http://bit.ly/HcxRRe our kid chaebol park chanyeol headcanon :'(
08. http://bit.ly/1ezdbzi duh
09. http://bit.ly/19yvxxq soft gentle giant
10. http://bit.ly/18dVheQ I spent like 30 minutes looking for the original of this when I first saw it and I wasn't even a fan of exo yet. I should have KNOWN

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what are your feelings on park chanyeol pls explain in great detail

what else can I say that I didn't already write an embarrassing meta on??
I like park chanyeol a lot!! TOO MUCH!! I like his face sooooooooooo much (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) Also of course, his personality is so interesting - whenever he reveals something about himself, it's always surprising at first, but then it's like "oh he /would/." Like his secret mean streak/temperamental off-camera self and then oops did I tell you all that I'm super into romantic things and oh yeah I know how to knit and quilt? I get really excited that he doesn't seem to care about stereotypical gender norms like he shops for skincare and shops for perfume and he's totally down with telling everyone how much he loves his big sister. My kingdom for pcy ♕ I think he's so endearing and has a golden heart and I wish everyone could like him lots T^T

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