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who do you think seems like jongdae's closest friend in exo?

my gut instinct is to say chinguline bc same-age friends and whatnot, but i also don't pay enough attention to him and his interactions with people to really have a viable opinion? also a lot of baekchen has cropped up in the recent era, but i also just don't know man
he's best friends with me there u go

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What do you think about marriage?

it's a social construct and a contract between two parties, often times willing, and often times not.
i don't have any thoughts abt it in particular, but i don't really see myself getting married ever even though my parents keep asserting that i will change my mind when i'm older. /shrugs it is what it is
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you get to sing a duet with an exo member of your choice; who is going to sing what song with you?

i get super self-conscious abt my singing, tbqh, and to have to sing in front of /any/ of exo is just??????? i'd rather muzzle myself AHHAHAHHAHAH
i mean for the sake of this question, i guess i'd like to sing with kyungsoo..... maybe sunday morning hAHHAHAH

write a short bit on exo as if you were doing a show on them for animal planet/discovery channel! ^_^

i'm gonna direct you to the one that summer wrote bc that was the best hands down how can i compete with such genius
i have no link tho bc im lazy as shit

if you could form the perfect exo sub-unit consisting of 5 members without being /that/ biased, who would you place in it and why?

we need a rapper who can carry a tune: chanyeol
we need a face and a singer: luhan
we need a dancer and a singer: yixing
we need a lead singer: baekhyun and kyungsoo
we need a main singer: jongdae
this sounds really horrible of me, tbh, but singing is like most important in an idol group. like personality aside and whatnot, you're getting judged on your singing (and dancing; i should add jongin in this or minseok bc minseok has a p solid voice and great dance skills), and well. i think i'm being pretty realistic about my choices.
although joonmyeon's definitely stable enough to be up there, but since luhan is stronger in dancing than he is, luhan would've definitely been picked, sorry :(
actually, tao has a great voice for a person who's mainly a rapper, so i wouldn't mind adding him into this mix either, but his tonal quality is also not the most accessible for general public imo????
this is a v subjective question, man, idk what to say. it's also v alienating to other people who don't have the same opinion bc i'm implicitly insulting their biases by not including them :(((( sorry guys

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Do you like high heels?

son i live for heels
as a person who barely reaches over five feet, i need all the help i can get. also heels are sosososo cute but i don't style my outfits well enough to wear heels and have it match with them OR i have a lot of walking (really fast) to do, so heels are not the most practical.
but you should see my growing rack of shoes man, i'm slowly gaining.
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How old were you when you started playing video games?

uhhhh i used to steal my neighbor's nintendo 64 to play pokemon and go to my other neighbor's apartment to play snowboarding games on her console
that was like elementary school
but actual video video game experience that i played by myself with ugh
idk i was p old



SINCE I'M BACK FOR A BIT...Which member of EXO do you think would fare best if you accidentally switched bodies with them? Language barriers and technical professional concerns (if any) aside, who do you think would be able to manage best with your lifestyle and schedule? :o

so if i can like somehow keep their skill sets while taking over their body, i definitely wouldn't mind being one of the quieter members hAHAHAH just so i don't raise suspicions.
as for them, well, idk i mean, i'm trying to think who'd interested in learning linguistics and studio art and have the attention span to get me that A i need in my classes, but linguistics doesn't seem like something most of people would enjoy??
i kinda wanna say yixing or minseok because they seem most adaptable to situations? and i mean, my lifestyle's not really that hectic at all, so, lol. although i kind of remember reading that yixing wasn't great at school (unless my mind made that up for me, in which case, good job, brain), so maybe minseok????
selfishly, i wanna say chanyeol too bc i know he wants to have a romantic college lifestyle, and i wanna give him that but also give him the harsh realities that come along with being a college student--although, with my majors, things aren't really so demanding hahahah

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Have you ever fired a real gun?

nope. but i've been in a gun store before; it's really quite something, albeit a little small considering it was in rochester hahahaha

who do you honestly think will be the new hot trend in exo this year (if not minseok)

/prays fervently for yixing's big break
honestly tho idk man who could've seen minseok's meteoric rise to fame
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You are allowed one beverage for the rest of your life. What would you choose?

water bc i need water to survive and bc i can't drink something sweet for a prolonged period of time unless i want diabetes

which exo members do you think has a shot of going solo and why?

baekhyun and chen, tbh. chen less so if he's going for an idol route; more if he's sticking with ballads and like rock songs that don't require much dancing.
i mean clearly people are always gonna put an emphasis on singing and looks and dancing and variety skills, and well, baekhyun's already got a particularly strong foothold in korea as is??? i want my bb yixing to succeed too but that seems more likely if he stays in china :(


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