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(part 2 to 10000 hrs of determination answer)

(continued from:
as a sidenote i also wanted to comment on the taemin/yunho cut. i've always kinda been whatever about taemin, i don't really have much of an opinion about him either way, but you can't deny how hard he's worked to improve his vocals like jfc you can't fault him for wanting to just attain all his goals so really all the hate sucks :c and the yunho cut!!!im so!!! he is so ridiculously cute and endearing laughing at himself reacting to his past trainee video ahhh lmao;; but how nostalgic it must be to look back on yourself 13 years ago to a point in your life where you could only dream about things, but then realizing there you are, having achieved all of it??? how surreal is that omg. however seeing him fall countless times on the wet catch me mv shoot and getting his ankle ice sprayed so he could carry on and push through the pain was really UGH ;~; it just reiterates and reminds you of how hard these idols have to work and everything is not shiny and glossy.
overall i really enjoyed this documentary! i wished it was longer and gave us more bts stuff but i'll take what i can get. i always really enjoy listening to kai speak his thoughts because he possesses such wisdom and i always can learn a lot from him, he makes me want to be a better person (omg cheese) but seriously stanning him is just so satisfying ✧✧✧

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have you watched the 10000 hours of determination cut???? kai is so HARDWORKING and so CUTE!! he really motivates me ;; ^^

i watched the taekaiyunho cut and sigh im just---- all the emotions this short video has churned up. ITA, jongin is SO hardworking, motivated, determined, -insert all other synonyms-. the way he's known his goal since a young age and has worked endlessly and tirelessly towards it ever since, his dedication is so significant and motivating (he practiced through chuseok, his vacation, day in day out just practice and him being the last to leave the studio;;;;;;;) along with his mature way of thinking/speaking ( im so sigh. passion is something that could be easily lost sight of when faced with trying times (e.g. hours and hours of grueling practice with no guarantee to a debut whatsoever, the stress and competitive trainee environment etc) and the way jongin has been able to keep his passion and the reason for beginning this in the first place on the forefront of his mind is really inspirational.
and then the taekai relationship omg ヽ(;▽;)ノ♡ firstly jongin's attitude towards taemin really speaks a lot about his character, eg. the scene where taemin tried to say it was like a competition but kai refuted him in saying: "/for me/.… instead of competing, i thought that i should learn from him" - i love that he acknowledges other people's talents and doesn't try to make it an endless pointless rivalry (which would have been easy since they were all vying for debut spots), but turns it into a ~productive~ outcome instead to benefit himself and further his dance ability.
"from the standpoint of someone who was still learning, since we became a state in which we could share things" "to each other they became someone who would give them drive" wow im so bye rn.
but seriously it's just so so lovely to see them come out of training hell and exo's v quick rise in popularity recently and still be such close friends without letting jealousy cloud anything. so uplifting and wonderful ;~; AND kai being scared at 5am and taekai sleeping together in the practice room KJFNSKDJFnSKDjfNKSDJFN GOD IS THIS A FIC COME TO LIFE OR WHAT. IM JUST SO (ʃƪ ˘ ⌣˘) also kai being super happy taemin came to him for help after his debut !!!!!!!! and /whispers how taemin can never remember to call him kai and always slips up AND WHY ARE THEY SO TOUCHY-FEELY WITH EACH OTHER STOP THAT STOP IT WHY ARE THEY SO GENUINELY HAPPY TO BE NEXT TO EACH OTHER THIS IS SO !!!!!!!!!!!!!! #taekai-subunit-2k14#
***re: showcase "i thought my heart was going to burst" + that fricking shy expression I WANT TO WRAP HIM WITH ME IN A BLANKET AND HUG HIM FOREVER*** -BASHES HEAD INTO WALL I LVOE HIM SO MUCH-

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thoughts on showtime ep 12? i really liked it even though they were mostly just sitting around talking \o/

sorry for the late reply, i finally watched it so only now can i answer this!!! i also really liked this episode, i think it might be one of my favorites as a whole c: every scene was fun to watch and allowed for the re-emphasis of each member's recognizable characteristics (which i also think the montage did well in capturing…ofc except for jongin's part but that's another story) it might just be bias goggles, but even though exo weren't really doing any /activities/ i still liked them sitting around chatting (also getting to see them lounge on each other ㅎㅅㅎ) bc the way they individually reacted and their interactions with each other were interesting/fascinating (why do i make it sound like they're science experiment subjects) for example things like everyone hanging off baekhyun's every word, the focal attention difference of suho vs minseok, bbh's copy machine routine which resulted in different reactions from tao, chanyeol's directive ability in the thigh fight game and in general too etc etc etc. i live blogged all my comments as i was watching it here: but to sum up an even bigger wall of text than this/several fic AUs (heheheHE) this is an overview of my thoughts on ep 12 n______nv :

1) the birth and premise of kkaebsong is entirely ridiculous i love it
2) jongin's internal suffering in the face of teasing is so TRAGIC yet HILARIOUS
2a) jongin is 12/12 parts pure cute he has been cute since 1994 his entire existence is the epitome of cute
3) SCRIPTWRITER!PARK CHANYEOL ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME also taking charge!pcy im gonna kms
4) the reconstruction of baekhyun's haunted house w/ kkaebsong is the best piece of editing exost has produced
5) baekhyun's ad-libs and quick wordplay are the powerhouse of exost
5a) conversation coach con man byun baekhyun (who throws in free flirting sessions as bonus) /mutinously files 3+5a with all my other fic AUs to be locked away forever
6) the need for Baek-D tacky talk show to be a regular thing is immense
7) minseok is the qtest lil nugget pls don't be sucked in by B, having people wanting to strangle you is not a goal you should have
8) kris' resistance is completely futile against suho's pathetic hangdog expression (also the whole scene was really heartwarming) (ノ◠ヮ◠)ノ *:・゚✧ *:・゚✧100%LEADERSHIP<3
9) I AM SERIOUSLY SO SAD THIS SERIES IS OVER. SEASON 2 ASAP PLS aka showtime summer ver. aka shirts vs skins bball, half naked frolicking in the ocean, more concept activities, DORM STUFF CMON and just generally being less image conscious.. :c
10) my love for exo is overwhelming and i'm not getting out of this blackhole anytime soon

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what was your first kiss like? (if you have had it)

it was quite a cliche first kiss imo haha: no huge fireworks; it was unassuming but very sweet. it was at a bbq gathering at the beach, with a longtime friend that i had known and had liked for a while but didn't realize he had ~feelings~ back for me. we were walking down the beach just chatting before he kinda just kissed me out of the blue :* this was back in sg where i was just visiting after i had moved away so unfortunately things didn't really go the way of a relationship (not that my parents would have allowed me to have a bf at that age anyway; i was like 14/15??) but we did have a nice time the rest of my trip. ahhh fond memories (▰˘◡˘▰)

what are some habits of your bias that you have observed? uwu

i'll provide some links and add a few more but steph also answered it v nicely here: n___n
1) randomly breaks into dance + +
2) lip touching : +
3) violent tendencies when excited and laughing
4) not wearing socks and/or taking shoes off even on broadcast
5) not wearing his jacket properly (i think he just gets rly hot and sweaty lol) +
6) likes to touch/rub at his eye area occasionally (idk ?due to his contacts?) +
7) throws hearts over his head + +
8) being enamored by the confetti falling on stage (or as i would like to think, him taking everything in and just appreciating each and every stage he gets to stand on)
9) he hasn't done this in a while but his boob grab wave
10) jittery legs jongin
11) intense staring when other people are talking
12) covers his face when he gets embarrassed

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every single one?? over the course of a few days?? ig your tumblr hates me :(

idk i definitely didn't get any of your other messages after the chanxing showtime guitar one. good job tumblr........good job... T______T i promise i wasn't ignoring you and that tumblr was just being a poop. pls anticipate some loving in your lj pms soon :***

i linked it the moment i saw it bc i figured you guys would find it funny but i didn't think you'd take a while to see it ;; i even spammed your tumblr ask L O L WOMAN GO SEE THEM also for longer convos let's go to lj-pm ok yeah bye happy cny weekend!!

sorry i was too lazy to check my askfm~ and hoLD UP apart from the tumblr asks i've already answered i haven't got any new ones since????? DID TUMBLR EAT YOUR QUESTIONS? ( •̥́ ˍ •̀ू )

l m a o jo & steph if she sees this

sorry it took me so long to answer this /o\ but yes lmao byun baekhyun has moved to bigger and better things than just butts /coughs (thank u fansite unnir for enriching our minds with these camera angles) ((and lolol i totally wasn't expecting for you to link this pic haH))
P.S HOW ARE YOU HOW'S LIFE HOW WAS FIRST DAY OF CNY (新年快乐 BTW!!!!) PLS UPDATE ME WITH EVERYTHING (or any measly grains of info you are willing throw my way)
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JOOOOOO that showtime bit when chanxing are just strumming away at their guitars!!! & when chanyeol learns after yx's english song on the spot!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

i wouldn't say it was my favorite part of the episode but i really did like the chanxing jam session!!!! i sort of blathered a bit about it in that tumblr ask already but lmfao the melancholic mood was really something.. (even one of the captions were "impregnable wall of melancholy" i d i e). they did seem to enjoy each other's company though, and it was just such a laid back session. i hope this means they do get together here and there when they can, to play a couple of songs and compose a bit. chanxing is totally a thing ok!!
something else that i really liked as well was how chanyeol just allowed yixing to take the lead? yixing was being such a qt grandpa complaining about his aches and pains and cy was just playing off him and responding to him. the mellow mood cy had going on was really great (not that i dislike this other side of chanyeol per say but it was nice to see non-opportunistic entertainer cy and him just being a regular chill dude and humoring his friend's antics, allowing him to spill his concerns etc. i also liked the way he corrected yx's cotton bud/blank mistake) AND SERIOUSLY I WAS SO READY FOR SOME MORE RADIOHEAD TO BE PLAYED :> plus chanyeol's deep voice when he did that sad narration unf record me all the gloomy depressing audiobooks you want park oppar, i'll come to your consultation office any day
p.s. still missing you!! <3

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JOOOOOOOOOOOO i know i keep saying i gotta go be a hermit but i just really had to come show you when i heard it

ahhhhh at first i wasn't sure if i liked how sped up the song was, because it made for quite a bit of a jarring contrast -- imo since the piano chords from ailee's heaven give it a somewhat melancholic tone? but the more i listen to this remix the more i really like it and think it works! i always thought that the atmosphere of first snow never really matched the mood of the written lyrics:
e.g. If I met you, would tears rise up?
The foolish me wouldn’t be able to say anything
Tell me, Merry Merry Christmas, hi, how have you been?
When the snow falls, would my bruised heart get covered whitely?
I’m sorry I didn’t treat you well
I was only filled with regrets....
That Christmas, I kept seeing you get farther away
like how despondent are these lyrics? vs how upbeat the original first snow is with tinkling bell sounds etc~ but i think this remix really allowed to bring out the emotions/nostalgia of the song so i do really like it ;; thank you for linking me!! thinking of you~~~ <3<3

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which exo members do you think has a shot of going solo and why?

wow i feel like i'm just repeating myself with the last few questions. i think baekhyun is the closest to being a successful solo-ist with his abundance of skills in many areas but i also think yixing would do really well back in china where he is much more familiar with the language and culture~ also didn't he already have a budding variety career there pre-debut? but hmm without me hurling my head canon in here, i'll just safely say that i don't think anyone in exo will ever go solo anytime soon anyway. but for those two, perhaps in the future, i think would have the most success if they ever did. oh i can also see chanyeol releasing something like an album of his own compositions/original works and it being eaten up by the public, so him too i guess.

if you could form the perfect exo sub-unit consisting of 5 members without being /that/ biased, who would you place in it and why?

"without being /that/ biased" well i'm partial to my bias(es) for a reason aren't i? and what kind of sub unit are we talking about? rap? dance? vocal sub unit? it really depends on all those factors.
at this stage for me, my ideal general sub unit would be baekchensookaiyeol. i think baekchensoo has proven how well their voices meld together and ofc being the strongest trio in singing, i think it's an obvious choice because what is an idol group with no vocal talent. baek for all the reasons i've mentioned before is closest to a complete package so no way can i ditch him. i am also very particular to jongin's dance ability and voice (even though i know he's no where there with his singing yet, i believe he has a lot of potential and i absolutely love the richness and tone) and a general idol group needs a spectacular dancer too don't they? yes i know yixing is a fucking great dancer, and he can compose, and sing too, but i picked jongin over yixing because i think he works better in this subunit (in terms of relationship-wise with all of baekchensooyeol individually and as a group) and IN MY OPINION jongin beats out yixing visually (he's not the face of exo just for kicks). chanyeol is a bit more perplexing for me because no doubt about it he's a pretty awkward dancer and would stand out even more in a five man sub unit. however i think his other talents completely out weigh that con, he's shown his versatility, and his harmonisation with kyungsoo is really really nice (2 man vocal subunit right here!!!!!) and can contribute to variety~ composing~ playing instruments~ and ofc a general idol group should have a really great rapper too.
i think the five of these guys are eloquent in written and spoken interviews (lmao kyungsoo might still need to tamp down his nerves occ), able to hold their own in sk variety shows, and it's just a nice range of people that are able to do different things like mc'ing, radio dj'ing, modeling, acting and just appeal to the general public? I feel like baeksoochenkaiyeol really just bounce off each other quite nicely so yeah.

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who in exo do you think is the complete package when it comes to being an idol? and who do you think could become a triple threat? why?

Vocal talent & Dancing: He has a beautiful voice, gritty and gravelly at times, filled with plenty of emotion. He has improved a lot, and still has a lot more potential ;;; In terms of dancing, Baek is not the go to when you talk about ~dance line~, but I think he is definitely up there in exo. He has a /huge/ commanding stage presence that just eats attention (the moments that i'm not focused on jongin anyway lol) Jaewon even commented "when you talk about “art”, definitely Baekhyun. His moves are delicate and smooth. He knows how to work on his expressions and gestures." And i can completely agree, even though he might not be the best /technical/ dancer, along with his singing, baekhyun is able to just perfectly embody the emotions of the song. Baek was definitely born to be on stage and to think he only had ~<1 year of training.
Visuals: Baek does not have the looks of ~greek god manly man~ or a ulzzang flower boy, if i want to be completely honest, imo on first look he's kind of basic boy next door (which mb is what appeals to many people bc he is more attainable/relatable?) However just /something/ shines through (his confidence perhaps) that always makes me do a double take, and when he works his angles he is sf beautiful??? i don't even know how to explain it, lmao itsg attraction to him just hit me like a train overnight.
Personality/Variety: Baek knows how to work the variety circuit, he's a natural charmer, and has little talents he can pull out that hosts seem to eat up, eg. motorbike or voice impersonations, song covers. He is extroverted, fairly self aware and knows how to keep the conversation or general atmosphere going. He is shameless in doing outlandish things and putting himself out there which seems to be a requirement on sk variety shows e.g. aegyo on weekly idol or sstp new years greeting~ He has also proven how hard working and determined he is, and to me I also think Baekhyun is a very greedy person, in ambition, in wanting to try all things and bettering himself. So yeah, I think he is the closest thing to a complete package in exo~
Chanyeol could also have very well been a multi-threat /artist/ rather than idol, with his visuals, rapping, instrumentation, singing, interest in composing and variety skills. The reason I didn't pick him is the obvious one; his dancing, also his singing is not quite on par yet to be a soloist and he can sometimes come across as being a tad too forceful on varieties imo. Luhan also has a beautiful voice, pretty visuals and is one of the top dancers in exo however with his aversion to mics, unwillingness to deviate from script during radio/variety shows, and a somewhat average acting skill (sorry) i wouldn't call him a full package quite yet. Yixing I believe has his fingers dipped in many areas, however other than dance, he still has a fair bit to go before I think he has a good footing in each area to strike out as a triple threat idol in south korea.

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The original otps (hunhan, baekyeol, etc.) during the mama era seems to be less obvious now (maybe except kaisoo). Which otps do you think became more famous and prominent now?

plenty of baek ships bc he is a flirty mother fucker BAEKSOOOO, BAEEEEKKKCHEN, (BAEKTAOOO, BAEEEKAIIII lmao my wishful thinking) but the first two has definitely blown up a lot more? oh and i guess xiuhan seems to be very prominent these days even though they were there from the start? ig it's also probably due to the fact that hunhan sorta melted away. but hmmm since i wasn't here for mama era it's hard for me to judge idk~~

thoughts on baekchen?

you really want to know what i think about baekchen? weLL THEY ARE BIG FAT LIF E RUI NERS THATS WHAT THEY ARE. i was just coasting along enjoying their occasional interactions and then sUDDENLY WE GET SHOWTIME AND MID AND AND PLEASE JUST LET ME SUFFER IN PEACE
i mean JUST LOOK AT THEM ᕙ( è ‸ é‶)ᕗ i'm going to blame baekhyun
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so now that we've all had about a day to listen to the xmas album and familiarise ourselves with the songs...share your thoughts! :D can be as long or as short as you like, can be about the album as a whole or each individual song, go crazy~

I was really apprehensive when the first concept pictures came out. ?!wigs ?!elves.. but i'm really glad that although MiD is marketed as a christmas album, it isn't completely obviously so - thank god for no cheesy concepts or christmas carol covers~ I think it's a really solid and cohesive mini, and I just actually really love all the songs. I also do get why people were upset bc the songs on the album are clearly catered towards vocal line but whatever, I'm down for that still. And sorry, I'll always be a little bit more biased to the K versions but the pronunciation and the lyrical content of M songs are a hell lot better this time round which I can appreciate.
Miracles in December: I LOVE THIS. Kyungsoo's voice wraps around you like a warm blanket, and is lovely in the lower range opening and closing the song. I like how the song begins off quite melancholically, but when the instrumental bg crescendos out and you have baekchen belting out with so much emotion, it def makes me go (இ﹏இ`。) every time and the 3 part harmony will always slay me forever and ever. The dynamics are perfect, and baekchensoo really balance out each other nicely. Luhan's singing on the M version is great, he's got this vulnerable tone and the emotion was quite palpable. I really appreciate his delicate tones a lot more now. AND UGH THE STRINGS IN THE ORCHESTRAL V, I was a bit disappointed at first that it was fully instrumental but seriously it's perf.
Christmas Day: Super sensual, jazzy and sexy. Literal baby making song, it's another favorite on this mini. I can always picture myself cuddled up next to a fireplace listening to this~ RnB exo is forever best exo.
The Star: Unfortunately this is probably my least favorite on the album. I felt like it was a /tad/ out of place due to the more prominent hip hop feel. Still a jam though, and I am kind of in love with baeksoo's voices in the chorus and chanyeol's rapping is always on point. The lyrics in kris' english rap are a slight sore point lol but his enunciation and tone is nice.
First Snow: Very traditional pop song, doesn't really bring anything new to the table, but really sweet and light. I will always love it too bc kai (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) and chanyeol's singing too (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) these are the 2 non-vocalists whose voices i absolutely love. The knocking bg sounds were a little unnecessary though.
My turn to cry: This song showcases the vocal talent and harmonization of exo so well /cries. The sparkly bell sound also gives it quite an enchanting fantastical feel and then it segues into that bridge which is /EVERYTHING/. The back and forth lines and baek's falsettos are an aural delight. I also actually like the transition into it, it packs a little more punch? The beginning was sliiiightly repetitive and it took a while to get to the climax which is why it's not my favorite song as a "complete whole" but in general i think it's a superb track.
The direction that SM has been taking Exo is A+++. (and Oh Sehun who? e__e)

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How would you feel if Kris bought underwear for your birthday?

Slightly apprehensive because really all i know of his underwear tastes thus far are a pair of spongebob boxers. And I'd also be kind of creeped out because I don't even know him and my mom told me to never accept underwear from strangers.
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Fill in the blank: Chocolate is to you as Sehun is to ________

I'm not obsessive over chocolate, I can go periods without even craving it. However if you put a specific kind of chocolate that I like in front of me, I will be highly tempted and will probably eat it all at once and then proclaim to everyone how good it is but continue to guilt trip myself about how i shouldn't have had it. (▰˘︹˘▰)


Dear jongin,
my qt little puppy child, i wish for everything in the world for you. if i could pick the stars out of the sky for you i would. but perhaps not socks or shoes or confetti guns or jackets because you don't seem to like them very much. stop being so fricking cute before you give me premature ventricular contractions (that is if my heart wasn't actually the strongest anatomical part in my body). you also give me whiplash with wanting to pinch your cheeks half the time and wanting to nuzzle your neck the other half. so i guess i can say you severely affect my well being but i don't regret stanning you at all. stay precious and humble.
♡♡♡ xoxo
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What do you think of "The Star" aka the best EXO song ever? For reference, I will attach the Mandarin version with translated lyrics.

"Every Night You Know You Always Look So Fine
You Just Like A Rock Star You Know How Fine You Are Yeah
Ima Take You To A Secret Place
Drop The Shades And Crank The Bass Uh Hey Girl You Know How To Play
(Come To Play With Me)"
o yes best song ever........ (lol no baby dont cry always and forever)
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