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I used to date a person who would never post me and I asked about it and he say I like to stay private , fast forward a bit we going through down falls in relationships and he started talking to his first ex girlfriend. What can you indicate about this ??

He doesn’t love you.
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A.F. none of what I've posted or will post is about you and the one Convo we had here I thought you were someone else, please forgive me. To everyone else that knows me here, how long you think I'm gonna let you keep fucking with me and not do something about it?

It’s okay.

There's no beauty secret, really. Just drink water, sleep well, eat healthy, don't stress, don't expose yourself to chemicals, don't smoke, don't drink, don't be out in the sun too long, use sunscreen, and be happy.

Okay thank you.

What’s holding you back?

ednofal’s Profile PhotoMohammad A Nofal
What’s holding me back is someone disagreeing with me so they use the “mental evaluation “ as a weapon. That’s my biggest fear especially while being in a good place.


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