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How do you go to sleep at night

I don’t I don’t wanna die or kill my self but I don’t wanna be her anymore I was lied to n thought u loved for 2 years n we talked about marriage it’s fucking me up I meant nothing who talks about marriage if they had cheated n had another guy the whole time it scares me to date again

Why do you sit there and just not talk to anyone

Cause I’m not understanding everything I loved someone who lied n acted for two years how long were u going to just be a liar nothing u ever said was true idk it’s fucking me up I feel dead I don’t wanna kill my self but I jinda just don’t want to be here anymore if that makes sense

Will I ever Will I Ever Be Good Enough

No u won’t sleep around n catching stds while u say ur exclusive with someone n lying about everything is the reason why u won’t no guy deserves to pay for a hoe

I think I've made my peace that you weren't the one for me

That was never a thought don’t lie again u wouldn’t of slept with everyone n got a std if I was n not tell me

Q were close, and I’m sad it doesn’t ever work out, but I’m grateful if I ignored a red flag and you ran away. Thank you

I ran away lol u never available t money


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