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He's amazing *-*

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Opinion on the new PTV album?

I think it's sick!

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How do you deal with the lame haters?

I basically ignore them so they see whatever they say doesn't affect me!

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What's ur fav genre of music

Rock definitely

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If you could meet any one famous person, who'd it be?

Only one? This isn't fair... I don't really know, can't choose :(

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What's your favorite drink?


View more … … … … Please listen to,if you like it,Give a like:)Have a nice day :) Thanks!

Okay! :) Same to you :)

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omf can we be friends

Sure :)

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what band did you fall in love with first?

The Fray

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What's one thing you hate sharing?

My fears, my phobias

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What do you like to do on a rainy day?

Watch films, listen to music, read and write

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What is your favorite waste of time?

Lay on the floor of my bedroom while thinking. Well, I don't think it's really a waste of time, but I like donig that even though it might sound weird idk

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Would you consider yourself good at giving advice?

I've been told I give good advice, so I guess

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What would you change in this World?

I'd make everyone sympathetic so they would think of other people's feelings before acting

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hey!I was wondering If you knew any song from mcr/fob/atl/ptv/sws or any other band that's any good which has a guitar solo part in it?

"Break Your Little Heart" by All Time Low has a guitar solo ^-^

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What do you think of tattoos?

I'd like to get one, so I like them

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How many languages can you speak and what are they?

Three - Spanish, English and French

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PAP of your dream car!

I'm not much into cars :/

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First time at Claremont high by Pierce The Veil

I'll give it a listen :)

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It's a song I'm good fam but thx for the concern 👍🏻

Okay, no problem! What's the name of the song by the way? :)

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It's over if i die you die to Bc I've been savin myself for you.....

What do you mean? Do you want to talk?

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Woah..... You're beautiful!

Awww, thank you! :)

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Define happiness

Axe Me A Question

Happiness is the feeling that makes all the darkness inside ourselves disappear for a while, transforming it into light

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Have you ever been sexually confused?

A lot of times, so yeah

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