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Do anyone want to get pizza and drinks together?

If only you weren't a random internet stranger that is most likely a dude 😔

how to know if the replies are from real people and not AI generated?

sifozd69’s Profile PhotoSifo ZD
Honestly have no idea, they're probably AI or scams if they're trying to get something sexual though

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Imagine you are in a bad situation, you have two choices: kiss me or choose death?😌

ma00ou33’s Profile PhotoMasoud
Death, you're posting creepy things on a chat app

Would you contact the police if you found out your phone is being tapped and tracked.

It is 24/7 by Google lol

Was your childhood a good or bad memory?

Some good, a lot bad, but the some good was really good

It’s wrong to be in love with someone who don’t even care bout u ?

It's only wrong for yourself, respect your self and don't waste time effort and emotions

Very weird conversation this app has !

Give someone anonymity, and they'll say things their parents would be disappointed in


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