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I can't say I don't love you because it wouldn't be true. but I don't trust you anymore...

OOP 110% felt this

how late do you stay up before going to bed?

In a perfect world, 12am but realistically 2am to 4am

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What time do you get up?

Depends on the day, work days is normally 8:30am and days off is whenever I want to

You have two choices: You can either instantly earn $10 million and never receive any money again, or receive $100,000 monthly for the rest of your life. Assuming neither one requires a job, which are you choosing?

$100,000 a month

What's the stupidest or most notable way you have been broken up with?

Like 2012ish, on Valentines day and he just sent me "Say Goodbye" by Chris Brown. Still cringe to that song


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