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Why ignore me when we both still care about each other? Are you doing alright or is this just bad timing?

Bad timing. Or bad location. Possibly a time where they're taken hostage or controlled. Might force their way on them. Might force them to live a certain way. Investigate it. Safety first.
(All situations that are unacceptable, I might add.)

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Have you done any of your Christmas shopping yet ?

Fuck no. I don't hate u but I slightly resent u for this question

Do you leave your seatbelt off when you ride with your significant other?

I wish I always did.
*Thinking back* 🥺
A bitch put it on lately for a reason then.....

Why do people respond to really old chats/threads even tho nobody said anything in it for days?? Like i wonder if you’re that bored that you’re looking through old chats that were already finished long ago 🤦🏻‍♂️

🤭😶😐😑😔🤨🤔I try to go to the oldest questions once I get back on here thank you 🥺😕😠🤨😤

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