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Hi. Later O lvls are being released. Can you go to the hall, and look for any seniors crying because they they regretted not studying hard or didn't do as well as they had expected, and then take a pic of them and post here? As long as they are crying then post. Must be tears of sadness not joy.

lol omg isit u got se fetish of ppl crying with regrets ? Anyw i never go sch today so sorry cant help u feel satisfied with those pictures.
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lalalalalalal idc..

dont care then dont come my acc here disturb me lah. Walan eh, srsly sial people like you very unreasonable and stubborn sia
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who wants to listen to talk you talk?

idc if those ppl who dw listen to me talk. Thing is now youre replying me by asking "qns" means you are fucking listening. eh u never go sch isit ??
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is it compulsory for your school shoes to be black? any black shoe or is it a fixed black shoe?

Any black shoes btw stop asking me u wan know so much go google search i not google k.
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you and your friends' school skirts so short.. nobody catch you guys meh..

eh u wan guailan ppl at least have balls to unanon ah. walan eh hide behind the keyboard then keep asking me post pic as and when you like ccb fuck off lah idiot.
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