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Что (кто) на вас нагоняет скуку? 🙉🙈

whitelila’s Profile PhotoЛилия Белая
I am not in the habit of being bored, so no one and nothing can make me bored. of course, we must pay tribute to those people who show an incredible level of stupidity, pathos and snobbery in communication, but they can only make me laugh.
Что кто на вас нагоняет скуку

What's something that you always put off, but when you start doing it and it's over, you really miss it? (For me it was watching Harry Potter movies 😁🤭) It can be anything, though.

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
I get bored of things easily quickly then normal use to like going every Tuesday evening to a clubbercise fitness class but grew bored of it after 12 months someday might return to it
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How do you like to celebrate something big, like an accomplishment? Inspired by the fact that I handed in my bachelor's thesis today! 🥳

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
What subject was your thesis on and what was your conclusion?
Indeed I do celebrate when I accomplish something significant in my life. When I graduated from Music School my father and I celebrated with a big party and invited all friends and relatives and my musician friends and I entertained the guests by performing songs.
When I complete some construction project like building a house or brick patio or wooden deck, I might visit the local pub and celebrate by having a draft beer. My final example was when I donated my kidney. I celebrated the health of the kidney recipient by forcing myself out of bed and slowly walking to a well known coffee shop located about 1 mile away. My doctors were surprised that I would do such a thing, but to me, enduring pain was part of the recovery process, plus I was bored to death lying in bed staring at the ceiling.
Oh.. and and a few times I rewarded myself by purchasing a guitar. Well... maybe a few guitars and amps. lol :)

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Askfm py account to bna lia but don't know how to use this shit🤧

farihaamalik’s Profile PhotoFariha
Hello Fariha,
Hope you are having agood time here!
I am Shahab & I work at ACSD (Ask
Customer service department).On behalf of them i welcome you here on becoming part of this amazing family. I have been appointed by our customer services department to help you out in getting started & show you key features of this platform.I have been assigned to show you around,
get to know you & become friends with you here so you don't get bored initially.
Please reply in this thread with your
Instagram username in order to receive further details.
I will reach out to you personally & explain everything you need to know.
Many thanks,

*tbc this is separate from the ones you have going on already--**The man stepping through looks as confused as can be and I bet it's the same for the hylians* Where the heII am I!? Is this some movie set? Let this be some weird movie set..or prank.. the people here look like FREAKS..

MunanChohept0nast’s Profile PhotoMunan Akamatsu
*he might remember @forgottenfifth though from his encounter with the Demon before when Shadow used his shapeshifting to screw him over*
*Vio however just gives him a bored look, as if a man walking out of a portal into his reality were something he saw everyday*
"You do realize that it's Humans like yourself that are uncommon here, Hylians are the dominant race in Central Hyrule. How is it you've never met a Hylian before. . . unless."
*Vio tilts his head, his chin resting on his hand as he studies the man, his odd way of speaking, his unusual garb*
"Unless you're not from our world at all, are you."
tbc this is separate from the ones you have going on alreadyThe man stepping

😎 †⠀⠀tell me about your demons.

faithfuI__protector’s Profile Photoparanormal investigator
⠀⠀ » ─── ⛤ ᴡʜᴀᴛ ɪꜰ ɪ'ᴍ ꜱᴏᴍᴇᴏɴᴇ'ꜱ ᴅᴇᴍᴏɴ?
When they let me, I live in their heads.
I'm taking more and more thoughts with each passing moment. This allows me to devour their souls as an innocent passenger in the dreams.
They belong to me, though sometimes they don't realize it.
The understanding of attachment comes when I am either filled up or bored. Recovery never comes fully, even when they are free from my presence.
They'll always remember the feeling when I was ɪɴꜱɪᴅᴇ of them, and the void I left is never filled, creating empty yet fragile porcelain dolls for the shell collector.
I̷ ̷m̷a̷k̷e̷ ̷o̷n̷l̷y̷ ̷t̷h̷e̷ ̷m̷o̷s̷t̷ ̷ʙ̷ᴇ̷ᴀ̷ᴜ̷ᴛ̷ɪ̷ꜰ̷ᴜ̷ʟ̷ ̷ᴅ̷ᴏ̷ʟ̷ʟ̷ꜱ̷,̷ ̷s̷i̷n̷c̷e̷ ̷I̷ ̷f̷e̷e̷d̷ ̷o̷n̷ ̷b̷e̷a̷u̷t̷y̷ ̷i̷t̷s̷e̷l̷f̷.̷
tell me about your demons

Anybody good in story telling??? Bored af

Fabiha_RehMan’s Profile PhotoFabiha Rehman
When I'm around none feel bored.
I had a weird desire to do something unusual on main road. Ofc course, it should not hurt or annoy anybody.
I wanted to drink one liter boxed milk on the road while walking in formals. I did that.
I bought Olpers one litre and I was laughing while drinking it and Walking on the main road's footpath.
That day there was some cricket team that had to come. They were using the same road.
So police officers stopped me and asked me to take another road. There was a graveyard near to it so I entered there.
First time in my life I entered a graveyard.
While exiting it I bought the agar battiyan from a man who was selling it near graveyard door

Are you more in an active state of mind throughout your day, or are you in more of a passive state of mind?

A little bit of both depending upon what I am doing and the people I am involved with. When I am performing music or writing and left undistrubed in solitude, my mind is creatively active. But.. when I am in the company of people who have diminished interest in thought, creativity and the abstract, I get bored and my mind defaults into a passive mode where I disconnect from reality and attempt to survive with absurd and inconsequential thoughts that lack meaning and substance. Obviously, I try my best to avoid this zombified paralysis and petrified state of being which is why I prefer to either be alone or among artists, writers and musicians.
Are you more in an active state of mind throughout your day or are you in more

do you think you can ever go over a month without coming on here again like you used to? your hiatus for your family’s safety literally lasted 10 days lol

i’ve literally gone over a year without being on here lol. i noticed when i put the settings at no anonymous questions when i go to sleep, i don’t get the mass amounts of weirdos so lol
i’m bored and in quarantine. i’ll come and go as i please.

Is it normal to get bored from old people? Like the people you know for too long

You don't get bored of them, you get bored of the predictability that comes with this bond. Maybe you're at an age where you require excitement to enjoy someone's company. Or you tend to gravitate towards drama naturally, which is toxic and should be worked on.
Either way, it's normal but not healthy. There's either an underlying issue or just immaturity. I used to be this way so I stopped making friends altogether because my problems are not their problems. What you do is up to you, just don't hurt people.

How do you stop feeling alone?

The key is to learn how to be comfortable in your own presence, and occupied even when alone. I think sometimes people can rely on others to fill a void that they don't feel they can fill themselves. Like being bored if they can't have others around them to make them unbored. Or feeling sad or uncomfortable alone, so needing others to distract them from that with their company.
There's nothing wrong with needing people to be in your life. Especially if you're extroverted too, you will feel that absence a lot more intensely I think than an introvert. However learning to be comfortable on your own is something I feel everyone should learn. And if you don't feel you can then I think there's room for self improvement. Maybe there's some underlining issues you haven't addressed or tackled yet that have led you to feel that discomfort.
Taking up hobbies and such are great, as they get you interested in something that you can do by yourself even if others aren't around. So you find ways to entertain yourself when you're bored. And also it helps you to appreciate alone time more too, because you get to do these lil things you enjoy. Also practicing self care, like pampering yourself now and then, or doing stuff like meditation can help you learn to be in the moment.

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Would you prefer consistency over intensity?

MalikShaheer’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Shaheer
Consistent intensity will drain you out
And just intensity without consistency is obsession not love
At the end of the day we want someone who will get up in the middle of the night to close the windows when it is pouring down, to bring us a glass of water when we are too comfortable to move.We want someone who will wash dishes with instead of leaving them on the table for you.Sure we want intensity too but most of the time We want another person to do mundane activities with.We just want something simple that is endlessly fascinating, we want a true human connection,honesty and to be bored with someone else instead of facing boredom alone.

How would you describe yourself and your "type" of girl (or guy) in a few sentences?

I'm reasonably intelligent, ambtious, a smart ass and reasonably extrovert. I like to read, play piano, dick around on the internet and listen to classical music/jazz.
My type is a girl who is about as intelligent as I am (or smarter), ambitious, a smart ass and not too socially awkward. I would get bored if she was too submissive, not very intelligent or if she wouldn't have a life/career of her own. Slightly introverted, not so much intelligent as incredibly fast at thinking. I love stories and take pride in the fact that I can do my work in dangerous and difficult conditions that break other people. I am also incredibly lazy when I can get away with it.
Me: Introvert and quiet until I warm up to people after we have talked a fair amount. Fairly confident but certainly not fearless. I can spend long periods of time with 1 person but more than a few people drain me. I like dicussing concepts and ideas, and making terrible jokes. Generaly very laid back and calm at most times, though I love competition and get fired up over it easily. Homebody who does not do clubs or rowdy parties but I will go out to a lounge or sports bar for drinks once in a while.
I have found myself to be pretty introverted, to my surprise as I always thought I was otherwise until I really understood what that means. I have spent a lot of my life learning to just take things as they come, a day at a time, and I like to imagine that makes me pretty laid back. I can tolerate most things in other people as long as it's not to do with deliberate ignorance or something they flat out know is not a good idea (ie. complaining about something that they could fix but won't, picking fights with others to try to find some affirmation for their life choices, etc.). I used to be a pretty hard core neck beard, but without a beard, and have been working very hard over the last few years to change that. I can only hope this self improvement has been working, but that's really for me to judge. I like me more, so there's that I guess.
I'm 5'10 (a good height I think). Good looking, manly chin, nice build. I'm pretty even keeled in terms of personality. Wouldn't say that I'm intro or extroverted because I can be both. I'm ok with peace and quiet, sitting in my room browsing reddit. I also have fun going out to parties and hanging out with people. But I do mind my own business, as opposed to some people who seem to have a need to bother and talk to others for no reason. I'm confident, willing to put my money where my mouth is. I don't believe in limiting myself, I want to experience all that the world has to offer. I'm intellectual, and well traveled, so I know what I like. I'm openminded, and appreciate the same in others. I look good in sweats and a v-neck, even better in a suit. A lover and a fighter.

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What do u do when ur bored?

r200311’s Profile PhotoReece
Only abused children & insane adults get bored .
I mean , how can anyone be so dull as to get bored ?
Perhaps 'The Bored' could have 50 years confiscated from their lives, and donated to those who crave more time .
And thus 'kill 2 birds with one stone' !
What do u do when ur bored

Have you ever pulled a prank on someone/had a prank pulled on you that went horribly wrong? What happened? How did you deal with it? 😅🥴

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
Nah, I don't enjoy doing that.
Although sometimes I was pranked by friends.
E.g. my friend said I should watch a video. And in the whole video nothing really happened so, most of the time I felt bored watching it but then in the last second you could see a ghostly figure walking towards the cam really fast and that scared the sh*t out of me. xD

No matter how good a person you are, some people will always try to bring you down. They hate to see you happy. They hate to see you shine.

zobbi123456’s Profile PhotoZobbi
Temporary emotions are so fucking bad saying yes without thinking about the future is bad saying no just because you are bored is bad
Such people are more dangerous than a gunshot.
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Do you ask enough questions or do you settle for what you know?

CourtneyThomas63561’s Profile PhotoC.
If I don’t know something I’ll ask, unless I’m really bored with the conversation and don’t want to prolong the misery!
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When you think back about a book you’ve read in the past, do you see images/scenes or do you see written sentences pop up in your head? 📖

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
Hmm, good question! I don’t know if I’ve really ever thought about it much. 🤔 I would say it depends on what kind of book it is, and how invested I am.
Like, fictional books that are jam packed with details (a book that comes to mind is ‘The Magicians’ by Lev Grossman) definitely has the ability to create a vivid image/scene in my head. I’d go as far as to say I have the most vivid imagery in my head when I read fiction.
Non-fiction books, it varies on the subject. Like, if it’s a really good book based on a true story, I’m probably gonna have some images/scenes pop up! But if it’s like an educational book or something that’s more factual and not story driven, I’ll just see written sentences.
Also, if I’m not invested in a book, I don’t really think I see much of anything in my head, cause all I can think is… “I’m bored, I wanna be doing something else right now.” 😅😆
I hope that makes some kind of sense!

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When you think back about a book youve read in the past do you see imagesscenes

hey nats how are you, hope your all good and being looked after sending hugs xox

zactc’s Profile Photozack vaughan
Hey, still the same. It’s a cross between wheezing or feeling fluid moving in my lungs. Getting bored of resting haha, I’d just like to feel some improvement man 🥺 Kittens are great company tho, I am getting all their cuddles and being entertained by their antics haha. How are you?

Has anyone decided to remain single? If so, how do you cope with the loneliness?

> Has anyone decided to remain single?
Many of us have for a myriad of reasons.
> If so, how do you cope with the loneliness?
In my case, there is nothing to cope with and I do not feel lonely. I keep myself occupied, work like a fiend, pursue my numerous interests and devote as much time to myself as possible: studying, reading, writing, playing music, painting, working out, researching, refining my investment strategies, assessing potential ventures, etc. A busy person has little time to feel bored or alone.
Has anyone decided to remain single If so how do you cope with the loneliness

Don't make someone special if u r just gonna bored of them, coz they get attached to u & expect the same energy and expectation from u & if they sense that ur vibe is off they will start contemplating their whole existences.

halalvodka_’s Profile PhotoDing Dong
Allah Sabar Deh Deta Hai Toh Ese Joothay logo Ki Okaat Kuch B Nai Rehti.....
I'm going through the same But Ab Na Us k Liye Dua hai Na Bad'dua Or Kahi Na Kahi Yahi Behtreen tha Yun Bicharr Jana Or Khud Apni Zuban Say Rishta Khatam Kar Dena 😊♥️

ما هو الخطأ الذي ارتكبته في علاقة في الماضي ولا تريد تكراره؟

Not being myself..
عشان بأخاف جدا إن ما أنا عليه مش الحاجة يلي يشتيها الشخص يلي قدامي، ف
I'll be a completely different person, a version that has been customized only for them, and they WILL fall for it.
But then I'll get bored, exhausted.
I'll stop the act, and ghost them all together.
دلحين معد يوصلش الامر لكل ذي المراحل، I'm more aware، أول ما بألاحظ إني بأقول حاجة ما اعنيهاش فعلا او اشارك رأي مش حقيقي..إلخ اقطع الفكرة قبل ما تتكون حتى.
الفكرة العايشة بدماغي حاليا- ويلي جلست فترة طويلة أحاول أثبته داخله- انه
that's who I freaking am, take it or leave it.
If you stayed, well, it's gonna be fun🏾‍🏽🤍, but if you didn't, then it's your choice and I respect it 🏾‍🏽🤍.

He comes everytime and hurts me so much. I was never happy with him. But I don’t know why i melt down. He gets interested in every passing girl and make me insecure. Even though, i blocked him I cry a lot. It’s getting worse. I question myself when I remember he can like any girl💔

you are not in love with him, infact i can make you question what you feel for him
human minds are complex..
they act silly & can't accept rejection simply.
he keeps pushing your limits, breaches a line of respectful behavior,
hits your ego,
crushes your self respect..
still you keep welcoming him with open arms each time he may or may not look back,
making sure he knows your worth,or what you are capable of.
still the same you, push away men who would respect you, respond on time, give all their attention, keep you above all.
you'll soon get bored, like life got nothing cheesy in it any more.
and this is how we keep running in loops of stupidity, we think is love.
so tackle the situations, if someone at first treats you like you are not worthy make sure you strike their ego with same pinch at that moment.
later dont give it much attention or thoughts.
what you believe about you is whatever you are.
so be strong anf fu*k everyone, everything else!
you'll be at peace soon! good day!

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He comes everytime and hurts me so much I was never happy with him But I dont

"I have thwarted both life and death in my time, but treating other sentient beings like game pieces that can be discarded at will, leaving fate in the hands of a stack of cards. How does that not seem wrong to you?" *she rests her chin on her interlaced fingers watching him*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
"That's easy they don't matter! Don't you see these little beings are worthless?" he crushes the neo model he was holding reshaping it into a new one "So fragile and puny. Suffering is all worthless beings bellow us are worth. You're still young you'll learn to stop caring. They'll all d!e one day you'll be all alone! (I would know) I've been around since the conception I created everyone and everything you see in this room. Why? Cause of boredom! Playing nicely is so boring...Drama now that's where to go!" he smashes his fist into the board causing a earth quack through out the multiple worlds. Tiny cracks are seen on the board now from the damage inflicted on the different worlds he hurt. "I could give everyone a happy ending but that'd be sooo boring! Everything in here is merely a toy to keep me happy. When I get bored they d!e. When this game gets dull I'll erase everyone in this room and start over." he just smiles darkly "So tell me who are you? What are your desires?" the smaller eyes on his face are usually looking down at the bored constantly watching his creations even the ones like neo who intentionally step outside to try an avoid him he has tabs on. Even if he can't directly control her from the outside.

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Do you prefer the city or the country?

For example, i’ve always loved the city. I lived in a medium sized midwestern city for a couple years before having to move. I’m not sure if it’s the lights, the constant stimulation, always having something to do or a new restaurant to try but I find I thrive in busier environments. I can also see how larger cities can be over stimulating for people with ADHD. I have lived in quite rural areas most of my life, but did move to a city apartment for a couple of years, with my then girlfriend. I am really glad I moved back to a small village. Having encredible nature just outside my door is priceless to me, and walking 4 kilometers twice a day to and from work is really good for both my mental and physical health.
I definitely prefer cities. I love being walking distance from most things I need on a regular basis. Running out to get whatever I inevitably forgot feels much less invasive when I just have to walk a block or two. I like the country too, though. Can’t stand suburbia. I'd say, pick a side.
I prefer the city. My mother recently moved to the country and I get bored when I visit her. I live in big city and I feel exactly the same as you, there's always something new to see, something new to try and there's so many different people, it's kinda exciting.
I currently live in a rural part of the US and it sucks. I used to live in the city and it was so much better than living rurally. In a city you are closer to everyone and everything. It takes me over 30 minutes of driving just to go to the grocery where it would have taken be 20 minutes total to get groceries where used to live. Everything is just inconvenient and unnecessary far away.
There is a popular opinion that rural people are nicer than city people. People who live around where I do are not very good people. The people just seem to be angry at anything new. There is very much a NIMBY attitude. While people who live in cities are much nicer than the people where I live. It is also pretty boring to live rurally. There isn't much to do in terms of events and stuff. Life hasn't changed a lot since quarantine started because there wasn't much to go to in the first place. I imagine that's why people get addicted to Fox News, because there is nothing to do besides to watch TV. No one is "finding themselves" or are "enlightened" here. Just a bunch of old and mean people.
Well I love the activity in the city. I love that you can visit and do so many things in a short span on time. I've had nights that felt like months, and I could just go back home and sleep it off. It's great. And it's good for people watching and meeting new people. But I hate the artificiality and pretentiousness of how people compete over things that were never important.

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