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Você costuma se enjoar fácil das coisas que faz ou das pessoas que convive?

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""dz9ronin’s Profile Photo
"Do you tend to get bored easily with the things you do or the people you spend time with?" ""
~ I can only conclude that 'boredom' or the state of 'being bored' ;
is an imaginary or self-inflicted condition ~ or a serious mental health disorder .
~ never known it .
What ever it is only the 'sufferer' can change it .
Você costuma se enjoar fácil das coisas que faz ou das pessoas que convive

Would you want a chubby wife or skinny?

My best friends are twin brothers and my cousin... we usually hang out together which means I am always checking out girls when we are out. I have never really had the chance to scope out guys in public before. But since I am at university alone waiting for my supervisor... I got bored and thought why not try checking out guys for a change?! But it didn't go so well because I realized I don't know what exactly attracts me to a guy when I don't know anything about him in person. Nothing clicked!!!
So I know what my friends want but know nothing about myself...

What makes a good villain?

Imo the best villains are ones that you can understand, ones that have realistic motives, that have compelling arguments and the charisma to get others to follow them. Ones that you can almost get why they become what they are, how they got there. Because in reality those are the most dangerous, and realistic and fleshed out. I'm bored of "I just want to destroy for destruction sake", give me more!

If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only bring one book with you, what would it be?"

yournicegirl7845’s Profile PhotoAntonella
That’s the book I’m currently searching for since I usually don’t read books twice unless I’m really bored or if I want to experience the feeling I felt when I first read a certain book. If I were to choose to read a book all over again, I would choose to read A flaw so beautiful by Alora Kate.

How does one help awaken people if they hate talking to people? I dont even like most people.

I think it’s all about finding the right person who understands you and one that you find easy to talk to. I don’t like most people either (but I usually don’t have a problem with people online and find it easier to text), which is probably why I was bored at the baby shower I went to yesterday. Everyone dressing up nicely while I wore casual clothes didn’t help me feel better either. I’d rather be in an environment where there’s less music playing, many people to talk to, and more genuine people who don’t come across as people who care about formalities too much. I went to another event before the baby shower a few days ago and really enjoyed my time there by talking to the people I felt comfortable being around and playing volleyball. It’s best to go to events where you feel like you can express yourself the best and especially to events where you know there will be a lot of people instead of a select few, so you can have more of an opportunity to find your person/people.

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Why would a guy leave you on read if they are the ones who message you first? He reaches out to me first 99 percent of the time. then, after a little bit, he leaves me on read. When he reached out to me first. Why does he have to be this way

I’ve had this happen too and I think it’s because they were bored and looking for a way to pass time but when you respond back, they likely already found something or someone else to keep them busy and don’t bother messaging you back.

It's got to be Raakel Roll Music, If you want to dance with Lexy 😁😁😁.................................. I'm not bored at all - Sage

I think we are more bRaakel metal. 😁🤣
Oh man you missed some sh!t here last night with the monster. You’re right. Not even going to say the name. Just Monster.
Its got to be Raakel Roll Music If you want to dance with Lexy  Im not bored at

What was the last show you binge watched?

sophiw3’s Profile PhotoSophie
I don't normally binge watch shows, I simply don't have the attention span to sit and watch TV for hours on end! I get bored really easily.
However, my fiance and recently watched the entire series of Baby Reindeer over the span of a 2-3 days, which is about as close to binge-watching as I can manage. 😅

How would u describe the process of falling in love?

romesanoor1212’s Profile PhotoRomesa
1. At first it's deep attraction
2. A bond is formed between the two; it can be friendship
3. Trust is developed
4. Willingness to do anything for the other one. /Impressing, sacrificing
5. Honesty
6. Emotional connection
7. Sharing secrets
8. Doing hangouts, dates.
9. Becoming emotionally dependent on the other one
10. One of them becomes a little distant because of getting bored, finding another etc
11. Other one can't digest the sudden change in behavior.
12. In the quest of why that person changed etc etc the strong need of experiencing the previous bond back again, this person fells in love.
13. The "fell in love" basically brings all those cries, quest, depressive nights, dreams of him, memories relapse etc etc
How would u describe the process of falling in love

What do you typically like doing on flights to pass the time? ✈️

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
The longest flight I have ever been on was only four hours, so it hasn't been too bad. I do get bored ridiculously easily, though. I have such a short attention span and become bored very quickly. I try to sleep, but because I'm scared of airports, my body never allows me to. I'm always too anxious to sleep. I basically just bug my boyfriend for the whole duration of the flight. 😂. I read sometimes though, and am thinking about taking my Nintendo Switch on our next flight.


Yall are Hella weird. Yall aren't ENTITLED to certain information. The fact you think she's going to give her location away when her parents and her work have been contacted in the past is WEIRD. Get a life and stop obsessing over kasey and nitpicking every second of her life.
Yall gonna be forever bored on this app without kaseh eh? What a shame. You'll be here in 10 years in the same position you are now. How embarrassing.

what are you doing when you feel bored

Thisjdembowski’s Profile PhotoY'ALL BORING
I text the few people that I keep in touch with who don’t disappoint me like many other individuals, listening to the new music I find thanks to someone’s Spotify playlist, go out to eat, ask questions on here if I have a lot going on in my mind, talk to family members, or sit down and hope for better days.

What show are you currently binge watching ?

kurlyfriez’s Profile PhotoKurlyFriez
If you like gore and anime, watch Dark Gathering. The episode about the S tunnel is my favorite, but the entire show is awesome. Only 1 season thus far, though. lol I also rewatched Tokyo Ghoul, because I was bored. I could give you a giant list of shows and movies to watch. haha

A guy recently told me that he has fallen in love with me, and after that now he is ignoring me and not talking to me, what does it mean??

Do you really believe he has fallen in love with you? Come on girl.. That's all bullshit, he's bored of you and you dont interest him anymore. Someone who truly has fallen in love wouldn't ignore you like that no matter how busy he is.

It doesn't matter if you're a parent or not. What's your best parenting tip/tips? What's something that you see around quite a lot and think it should be done differently?

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
Minimize screen time and let your children be bored sometimes! It boosts creativity and lengthens their focus span.
It’s okay to be bored. Don’t overstimulate your children by lots of (hyper) screen time.

When was the last time you broke something? 😬💥

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
The last thing I actually recall breaking was the wall when I inadvertently smashed a hole in it in by kicking it with my foot at the house I used to live in a few years ago, too angry at the moment to consider whether or not I’d damage the house. I was mad that day because I was in my room nonstop and got very bored and when my dad came home, he complained about me being on my phone all day and perhaps he was also having a rough day as well so none of us were willing to be the bigger person. When my brother called my phone to ask me a question, my dad intentionally kept calling me at the same time and I couldn’t talk to my brother in peace so I got mad at him and eventually, after arguing with him for a while, he said he would cut off the service to my phone. I then started kicking the wall without realizing how hard I was kicking and that’s when I smashed a hole in the wall. This was years ago tho and I don’t recall breaking anything that was worth remembering afterwards.

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What have you done that you didn't like, but would you be willing to give it another shot?

Playing the same videogames, again and again.
After the first gameplay, the passion is not quite as great. Sometimes, I might get bored and stop for a while. But I still keep doing it, because those are the games that I enjoy.
And I would be glad to play them again. And again.

Why are millennials so elated about podcasts

Maybe they don’t have much going on in their own personal lives, maybe they’re looking for an inspiration, or they’re bored and want to pass time by learning more about someone they look up to and/or value the opinion of, etc.

What is anon going on about?? Tbh I only see people get questions during the day

Exactly lmfao I've never gotten questions about kasey or syd or maigua while kasey is at work. Plus kasey has been working long ass hours so she's usually Mia during those hours.
Yall really think people with full time jobs have time to sit on this silly app all day and night. Only ppl with that time to spare are bored teenagers.

politics & religion likely got made because ancestors were bored of being normies or confirmists. Maybe even just like to tell stories & lies like present times

I think the purpose they serve is to put people into categories and make them choose to either support or oppose/go against each other.

What’s your favourite Netflix series?

Ohhhh I love a good series! I tend to either watch them when I’m on the treadmill or when we’re crashed out in an evening, so it’s a bit of a mixture 😂 Some of these have been favourites for years before they hit Netflix, but they’re so good:
- Somebody Feed Phil
- One Day
- Good Girls
- Killing Eve
- The Gentlemen
- Detectorists
- Derry Girls
- The Good Place
- Dead to Me
- Schitts Creek
- Grace and Frankie (like, the first seasons. I got a bit bored by the end but it was still cute)
- Russian Doll

What fact amazes you every time you think about it? 🤩 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ tēຖค¢i໐นŞ t໐๓๓คฯ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
1. A cloud weighs around a million tonnes. A cloud typically has a volume of around 1km3 and a density of around 1.003kg per m3 – that's a density that’s around 0.4 per cent lower than the air surrounding it
2. Your brain is constantly eating itself. This process is called phagocytosis, where cells envelop and consume smaller cells or molecules to remove them from the system. Don’t worry! Phagocytosis isn't harmful, but actually helps preserve your grey matter.
3. Water might not be wet. This is because most scientists define wetness as a liquid’s ability to maintain contact with a solid surface, meaning that water itself is not wet, but can make other objects wet.
4. Chainsaws were first invented for childbirth. It was developed in Scotland in the late 18th Century to help aid and speed up the process of symphysiotomy (widening the pubic cartilage) and removal of disease-laden bone during childbirth. It wasn’t until the start of the 20th Century that we started using chainsaws for woodchopping.
5. Being bored is actually a 'high arousal state' physiologically. This is because when you're bored your heart rate increases.
I think about weird sh¡t and I’m always reading weird sh¡t. 🤣

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