Ask @AthenusVena:

What do you always think of if you're about to give up?

Dream High 💕
I dream high, i'm dreaming so high
When it get's tough I 'm closing my eyes
Thinking all the mem'ries now I can see
This ain't no fantasy, it's reality
I can fly high, I know it someday
I can soar high like clouds in the sky
I will spread my wings and fly above
Like no one else can be, higher than me before

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What's a fate worse than death?

Hmm that's an interesting question
If you fear death, you haven't truly lived. Death is inevitable, we cannot avoid it. Living a life full of regrets and no purpose is fate WORSE than death itself. Why? If you're dead, you don't feel anything but if you're alive- regret and the pain kills you inside out.

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