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Alam niyo yung Bondee na app? Inadd ako ng ate ng ex bf ko. Matagal na kami hindi gaano nakaka pag usap ni ate tapos inadd niya ako. Hindi ko lang ineexpect. Sa tingin niyo, gusto niya parin ako para sa ex bf ko? Or just an ate na lang.

just an "ate", a friend
just because you broke up with your ex doesn't mean you also broke up with the family you've met

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want to be an entrepreneur but they want me to be an animator cause I'm good at drawing what should I pick entrepreneur or animator

damn. that's a good question, can you do both?
you can either study animation and then sell art (entrep stuff)
or study entrep and then do art related business
or study both hahaha Elon did this with Physics and Business (I think) — he studied both and then applied it


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