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Should I marry an person who lies to me and chooses he's friends over me and doesn't talk our relationship problems and doesn't want change for me

baleriag6004’s Profile Photospockylee
Nope you should get at me we can make magic happen

Everyone and everything is gone because of you are you happy? I hope so cuz this next action of mine is for you


LOL when they try to replace u but they new chick/buddy be AvErage lols🗑🗑 🤣

Average can be a goodg plane ol average is great but average hoe I won't go that way all they do is take take take and don't try to turn a hoe into a house wife the last one that was think she was finessing me but I got a heart and I see someone in need I try to help to the fullest but im doing that just because I know when to stop it should of been 2yrs ago while she was doing her I kinda was doing me she acussed me of fucking around with certain people like at my work the worker customer or 2 and at my place but I did what I did because I knew what she was up to wanna play we both can shit there weeks I don't go home she never noticed or said much about because it was all about her fuck it

What is the most beautiful dog breed in your most honest opinion?

It's not a German Shepard it's like one cops use them there too damn smart Golden retriever and then put bull


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