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Why ignore me when we both still care about each other? Are you doing alright or is this just bad timing?

Cuz I’m hurt

Do you remember the last thing you said to me? How do you think it made me feel?

I said I loved you and you said you loved me and you were crying and what I didn’t know then was that you already decided to leave me for your dealer and you were crying because you knew that’s the last time I was gonna see you for a long time. You have never spoken to me again since that day and I still don’t know why.

I meant it all, I’m only crazy about u. I still love you

I’d kill to hear her say that to me. I would literally do anything to be loved by her again.

Who do you want to be in a relationship with?

My ex Christina Foley she’s the most beautiful woman I e ever seen and is an absolute whore in bed.


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