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Are you on good terms with Return top GOD Jensen Kimmitt?

No, but I’m on good terms with return top *player* Jensen Kimmitt.

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I'm planning to go to WYYC this year. When is a good time to reserve hotel room/admission/etc.?

Now. Do it right now. And get your travel visa for China sorted out immediately.

I just wanted to say I’ve picked up nearly all the slimline/responsive yo-yos that have been released in the past couple of years and I still think the Moonshine is one of the very best. I keep coming back to it. So thanks!

Awesome, thank you!

Any FG left from ecm?

Yep! But I came home really sick so I’m dragging a little in getting them online. Sorry for the delay. -Steve

Will we ever see the sick splash colourways again? Or has clyw moved on...?

The trade-off for the really wild stuff was losing entire runs to b-grades. Maybe I’m getting old but that’s just not an exciting risk to take anymore. -Steve
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