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Are you gonna make a gorge video

Nothing planned, but I'll holler at Alec. He loves that return top. (So do I, but no one wants to see my crappy old tricks lol). -Steve

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Upcoming yoyo release/ restock?

Working on a few things. -Steve

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i tink steve cut cheeze cuz hes farty old man

Yup. Especially after I eat ice cream. -Steve

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They have one yoyo. Calm thyself. -Steve

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Why is the summit yoyo currently in stock at yoyoexpert.

There is one piece in stock. They probably found it when they were doing inventory. -Steve

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who on clyw cut th cheez?

Probably Harrison. He's sneaky like that. -Steve

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Would you rather live forever or live 10 times for 100 years?

The pool party yoyos are the most fun I've had playing. The only one I don't have is the bi metal ban ham. Respectfully based on that are there any current clyw models that play close to the pool party yoyos besides the dune? I only ask because the pp models are so limited.

Not really...Pool Party very much stands on it's own as far as play and feel. Sorry. -Steve

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Drink of the day!

La Croix. Pamplemousse! -Steve

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What yoyo feels like the Gnarwhal 1 or 2 but more stable?

The Gnarwhals were some of the most stable return tops we've ever made. Finding something "more stable" basically means "bi-metal". As for what feels like them...Puffin 2 came close, but nothing in our current line really feels like those. -Steve

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How do the Kodiak and Navigator differ in play?

Very different shapes and weight distribution. The Kodiak has more of that super floaty, weightless feel that you would expect from CLYW, while the Navigator feels more like an extra-nimble YoYoFactory release. The weight distro on the Navigator is pushed to the extreme a bit more, so it's a bit more powerful. -Steve

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Out of all the other string manufacturers, what makes Kitty String so special?

Good question! We have no idea how they make such great string, but we do know that we absolutely love it and it plays great on our return tops. -Steve

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How can I receive a premium return top from the lovely company of Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works free of spending my currency?

You can:
- be on our team
- be related to me or Chris
- have intense blackmail materials related to my "lost years"

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didnt even realize the yeti 2 got retired

Yep. It just never quite worked out the way we wanted it to. -Steve

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Bruno Mars or Drake?


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Hey Steve, I loved your BAC performance, it was super entertaining! What were you throwing in that performance by the way?

I used a Manatee. Shout out to Riccardo! -Steve

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Any ETA's on newly designed throws?


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Were there batches of Orcas made in China? Specifically the Aug 2015 drop? Thank you.

All Orcas have been made in the US or Canada. The Orca 2 will eventually be made in China, but that design isn't even done yet. -Steve

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I have a replacement axel. Is there a last resort way if removing the axel with out damaging the Borealis itself?

Andy Mendez

If you use vice claps to grab that axle and twist it out, it shouldn't hurt the return top itself, it'll just crush the threading on the axle. You can avoid that by wrapping something around the axle before you clamp down on it...fat rubber bands, heavy fabric, etc. -Steve

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Is the new Borealis going to be made in china? How different is it going to be from the original one? What stage is it in? Thanks!

Yep, made in China. We made a few tweaks to weight distribution and shape. I have one here. It's not a total overhaul (remember different between Puffin 1 and Puffin 2? nothing like that) but if you play them back-to-back it's a noticeable difference. New one plays more solid and a little faster. Definitely more of a competition focus, which is what Zach wanted. Right now we're in the "letting Zach play with protos for a bit and fully approve it before we start production" stage. -Steve

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Bi-metal compass, please?

If Petr wants it, we'll make it happen. -Steve

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What is your favorite engraving out of all of your yoyos?

My favorite. -Steve

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Do you guys sell out of Edmonton? Currently edm resident trying to get back into the yoyo game

We don't, sorry. :( -Steve

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Would you recommend the igloo or the Kodiak for someone who just wants a relaxed, fun throw that is quick? Thanks :)

Either of those for the bill. Igloo feels lighter and faster to me, though. -Steve

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What will you guys be selling at BAC? SUPER EXCITED!

No table...just hanging out and having a good time! -Steve

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