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What return top do you think was the most successful in terms of sales and use

Sales - The Chief
Use - Changes every year

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Do you watch culinary shows?

No, but I do watch videos of Gordon Ramsey flipping out on people on YouTube. -Steve

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How about a new toque since its winter

Where the fools gold at my guy?

In a box. In my basement. I'll get them up when I have time, promise. -Steve

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is there going to be a new run of the peak 2 ?

Yes. Eventually. -Steve

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What song did Zach use in 2014 WYYC Prelim? Also will the Borealis 2 release within a month?

Not sure on the song, sorry.
Borealis 2 will not release within a month. More like 2 months. -Steve

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General ballpark for how long the wait is for orca 2?

Design isn't finished yet, so at least 3-4 months. -Steve

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Should we read a lot of books?


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Are there anymore Basecamp yoyos in the works? Is there going to be a release manufactured by you guys?

Jesse Sershon
We're working on some stuff. Basecamp is kinda back-burner right now, but it's not going away! -Steve

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Any word on a new heaven sent throw?

Alec has an idea, Chris needs more hours in the day. But yeah, there is something new in the works. -Steve

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Puffin drop?

Setting and announcing a date soon. -Steve

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Yo! Getting stoked for new Puffin! Updates?

They have arrived and are being tested and packaged now! -Steve

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Doesn't it seem a little wierd that you guys will release your first yoyo in 2020?

I think you are confusing the "yo-yo" trademark in Canada with the counterweight patent. The cw patent expires in 2020. The "yo-yo" trademark in Canada will continue until someone with more money/lawyers than us shuts that stupidity down. -Steve

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Will clyw have a booth at nats?


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but foreals, how can you love the fact that an inane copyright is preventing you from referring to your products by their proper name? get some balls and take that shit to court amirite?

You can't pay a lawyer with balls, unfortunately. They want a lot of dollars, and we don't have enough to spare. -Steve

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I love apples - what do you love?

Return tops! -Steve

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Do you believe in aliens?

I'm getting back into yoyoing (after a year-ish break). What would you recommend for a fun, casual-ish throw that can still perform advanced tricks? Thanks :))

Peak 2 or Gorge should be able to handle anything you can think of, but have that fat, round, old school feel. -Steve

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Is there going to be another attempt to break the world record for "most people yoyoing in one area" again at the square in 2019?


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scince when is clyw about tripy lights in a movie theater parkin lot lol

Since now. -Steve

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Any idea on when there'll be a new tutorial? 🏻

Today! Sorry about that....I've been slammed with other things and haven't stayed on top of posting those. -Steve

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What's the next planned release? After the Luftverk release, of course.


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Hey I saw just now that Harrison plays League of Legends? Can you ask if he plays Ranked and what rank is he? Ya know, nerd stuff.

I don’t really play league of legends anymore, but when I did I made it to silver 3 and I played a lot of Gnar. -Harrison

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