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Have you tried the loop2020's yet? How do you think about them? :)

Not yet, but I want a pair! -Steve

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Will Tessa, Harrison, and Ayumu join WYYC 2017? If so, good luck :)

Yes! Pretty sure they are all going! -Steve

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Any new plastic releases planned for 2017?


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Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling?

What inspired you guys to come up with the names of your yoyos? Is it just random or does it link to a certain theme? It seems like a lot of your yoyos are named after aquatic life or something to do with nature.

We tend to follow nature themes for everything. We are a Lodge, after all. ;) -Steve

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The kayak video was great! Yuuki is a god!!

Thanks! Yuuki is amazing, and Miggy did the filming/editing. Awesome to have so much incredible talent to work with. :) -Steve

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Will the kayak drop in confetti cannon? I don't wanna buy one tomorrow and find out in a few months I could have waited for the one I really wanted.

I have no idea...we don't have another run of Kayak scheduled and won't choose colors until production starts. -Steve

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Who shot the Kayak video?

Miguel Correa! He did a great job with it, too. Love working with that guy. -Steve

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Where is yuuki from?

He was born in Texas. -Steve

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What colour string was Nuu using in the eyyc video? Ive been trying to find that colour for a while now!?

Pretty sure it's just Fat Kitty Orange. -Steve

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Any chance for you guys to bring back those solid colors from the first run of the Manatee? Especially the matte light blue?

Sure. Solid sell the slowest of everything though, so we don't do them often. Although, I really do prefer them personally. -Steve

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Hey Steve, I was listening to your interview on the scales podcast, and I just wanted to say thanks for doing such a great job running wyyc 2016, it was honestly one of the most fun events I've ever been to and I loved every moment of it!! P.s. do you plan on hosting any competitions in the future?

Amun Chawla

Thanks, I appreciate it. Working on Ohio States and a few other things right now. -Steve

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Link to the wholesale store please? Didn't know that was a thing.

It's only a thing if you're a retailer. -Steve

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When does Duncan lose rights to 5a?


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Are you guys gonna sponsor yung bird

More Pixel Bearings?? Restock?

We have them in stock in our wholesale shop, tell stores to order them! -Steve

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Any upcoming collabs???

One big one in the works, should hit shelves at the end of the year. Nothing else planned. -Steve

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Is there any new monometals in the works that have high walls, like a throwback to wm2 or another high wall yoyo

The only high-wall we've got right now is the Gorge. If you're looking for something with that old school "flat" high wall, we aren't making anything like that. -Steve

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Any remakes of classic throws in the works? (avalanche 2?) ;)

Orca, Puffin, Borealis, and Sasquatch all have new versions in the works. -Steve

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Golden boy was a cool colorway, can you make a fade golden boy?

Since Golden Boy was just a solid color, not sure what we would fade it to. -Steve

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Who is your fav non clyw player?

John Ando, Ethan Wong, Hank Freeman, Ed Haponik, Jon Rob, Shu Takada...oh, there are just too many to list. I could go for days. There's a few, though. -Steve

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What type of phone do you have?

iPhone 6s Plus. -Steve

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Mono blizzard details?????????????

Not yet. -Steve

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