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Pag jowa mo palang pero nasaktan ka niya physically may tendency ba na ulitin niya ulit?

Yes, tas lalala lang yan pag tumagal.

I'm jealous to some kids who can run to their parents whenever they have a problem. Sometimes I asked "How does it feel to cry in your mother's arm while telling her about the things that made you upset?" Because I grew up keeping my problems to myself

i feel you. :(

anong masasabi nio sa guy na may jowa na pero nagpipicture pa ng babaeng maputi at nakapaseksi na nakita lng naman nya sa disneyland. tapos isesend sa jowa ung pic. sinend nya daw para inisin ako dahil binlock ko sya.


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Pag personal ask ba direct question sayo dito? parang hindi kasi?

ewan ko ba kay ask fm, di ata maayos filtering nila HAHA

I feel sad about how women were raised by partriarchal society where society pressures them to have a bf, husband or even having children and then blames them if they have failed relationships and marriages. To women, you're more than your body or getting a husband. You can be more and do more!

I'm with you

Anong ibig sabihin nun pag yung kausap mo puro short replies lang? "Hello, kamusta ka?" "Goods nmn" tapos di nagrereply sa follow up messages mo paminsan.

di sya ganahan kaistorya ka. duh

Help, we're just in relationship today but he keeps on pushing to be h*rny in chat, should I run?🙁

If you're not up for it, tell him that your not comfortable pa. If he would still insist, girl, run.
If he can't respect your words or doesn't take your feelings into consideration, then in the long run, he would also not respect you. Your choice.

Natry mo na ba mag first move? Did it worked?

yep, it worked. they ended up courting me and the rest is history 😎 just take it slow, don't like just drop the bomb "I like you" HAHA it's burdensome. plant the seed, befriend them.

How do you deal with friends who constantly cancel plans?

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well, not all of us have the time to spend on leisure, but I believe that if they want to, they would.
you'd feel it if they just need their alone time, maybe they're busy prioritizing work/study, or they just don't want to spend time with you. you be the judge.
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Nagiging honest ka ba sa nakakausap mo?

I'm mostly honest, akong nga kaistorta ra ang dili honest. pretentious ppl

Naniniwala ka ba na nagfafade ung feelings pag di nag uusap? 🙃

sa case nako sakong crush, okay ra di mi magstorya HAHA


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