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If you can lose feelings for someone that fast then you're a player. You only "talked" to Kayleigh for like a week and you're already over her. And you say people are just spreading rumors but they aren't it's true. You're a player. Kayleigh isn't the first girl you've hurt like that.

Hey. You ducking bastard. Do you know the story? Do you fucking know me? Everything fucking about me!? I think not. So before you go and call me a player. Try to figure out what happened this time. Rather than being on anon and telling me that shit. You don't know why I do what I do. It's not intentional okay? You will never understand me. What I have been through. And you. Will never. Talk to me like that and say that bull shit. Stop fucking trying to ruin my life. More than it already is. And if you're a guy. You better watch out and out your hands up. Cause we're going to fight.

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Want to know what happened between me and someone. To prove all you fuckers something!? Cause I'm pretty damn tired of getting talked behind my back and hearing shit that's said. So here. I hope you're all happy.

I have very bad depression and anxiety. I need to work on that. I see a therapist. I NEED to make myself better before I get into any other relationship. Because the last one I was in I fucked it up because of what's wrong with me. Can't you just appreciate the fact they I'm trying to get better!? Like damn. I've been this way since 3rd grade can I not take time alone to make my life better!? Is that so hard to ask for ?The other night. I had a major burst. I hit an broke a lot of things in our house. I was afraid to tell you cause I thought you'd see me differently. That's when I knew I needed to be alone to better myself. I was just so scared of telling you. Or anyone. So I hope everyone's happy knowing this. That you hurt me and out me in this place. Then again.. I'd rather get called a player than the kid who's life is fucked up )':

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