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In your opioin who is.. nicest prettiest funniest smartist coolest most talented most trust worthy the ones you would die without??????

Whoahhh big question but my friends and family I guess
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Youngest friend you have?

I guess I'm sorta friends with my little sisters friends and there like 10 but besides that prolly all the 7th graders

Sidney Johnson????

She's one of my best friends! We have hung out a lot and been through everything together. She can trust me with anything and I can trust her with anything. She's really pretty, funny, and good at sports!
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thoUghTs on jaylene dawley??

She's really funny, pretty, and good at sports! We've hung out a couple times and were good friends and she's Sidney's cousin. On her ask she said I smelt good..? She smells good too:p..?

okay so all these anon girls are obviously from heuvelton and chelsie if youre trying to start something i swear to god. youre just obsessed with us morristown girls because were obviously better and dont need anon. jealousy sucks honey.

sidney23_’s Profile PhotoSidney
It was Nicole:p
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You are just one of those Morristown bitches!

Why don't u grow a set of balls and get off anon?? I'm pretty sure this is the same person who's doing this to Sidney. Obviously u have no life
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i can probabaly spell better than you !!!!!! so stupid hahahahahahaha !!!

Ur really having fun asking me these anonomys questions? Loserrr
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what an idiot lol you will never find out who this is because your a not cool persin !!!!! yoy aree stupid !!!!

At least I can spell! Ur cool.. What do u have against me?
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