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Just trying to deal w/ another saturday night alone. Feels like I’m “serving time”. Damn Laura sucks. She’s playing a sick game. She’s tryna make me crazy. What a sicko…. Looks like another f’n damn celibate xmas alone again. Fuck you very much Laura.

Come here

No point in missing someone who rejected betrayed you, end of story this to shall pass. Deserve Better!! anyway. 💥💯

Who's that person

You scare me because I'm loyal until I look at you... ugh I want you so bad even if it's one night. Would you be down ?

Who's this 4

I had feelings 4 u I promise I no longer care for u

U proving that every day in very cruel ways. Is one thing to lose feelings for someone it's another thing to be cruel n intentionally hurt them n find it funny that u r doing all.


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