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Chinese Spy Balloon was just shot down…Yay or Nay ?

Kinda curious to see how this will escalate like in the next decade. Will there just be psychological warfare ? Or like ww3 or subtle manipulation of America etc.

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“the one who got away” is that a thing for you? If so what happened?

I didn't follow my dream of start a clothing business or a digital license plate or becoming a rapper and now I'm working in a warehouse going to college for info tech that I choose on a whim

I need to do a few sets of squats and dead lifts. My back would love that type of tension

Okay? We on our fitness type shit then

Am I crazy for wanting to profess my love to a girl I've never met in person?

Your probably infatuated not in love

I hope your ex's never give you the second chance yall stay on here begging for. None of you p.o.s deserve it.

Wym I deserve a second chance

I miss you so much more than any words can say hope you notice it I don't like bugging you though

You don't even know me

Are you afraid of being alone?

No, probably more afraid that something is in the dark with me . If that makes sense


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