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Daming new kdrama. Any reco ano maganda panoorin?

Our blues
Strangers from hell
When Camelia Blooms
It's okay not to be okay
My liberation Notes

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What would you think about someone who says that they don’t want to talk to you but still follows you on instagram?

They're thinking about you but they are also afraid.

what would you do if yung tao na nililigawan mo says that hindi pa sya nakakamove on sa ex nya?

That means she's not ready. She's being honest and that's good. It really depends on you. It can be a traumatic experience on your part, but it'll be rewarding once she moves on. Just make sure to never guilt trip her along the process 'cause it can be toxic. If you choose to move on, that's also fine. By then, you can focus on yourself more.


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