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Just curious, paano pala malaman if yung question is specifically for you?

rchrdrbyn’s Profile PhotoRchrd
It's tagged as personal. But afaik there was this glitch sa Ask about shoutouts getting into the personal questions tab, not sure if it's true or was fixed already.

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patunayan nyong totoo kayo at bakit kailangan ko kayong paniwalaan.

Nah. I'm tired of proving myself to people. If you don't wanna believe me, cool. I sometimes don't believe myself either.

Name a song you fell in love with not because of the original, but because of a cover . . .

Basket Case by Green Day. Thought it was a song originally by Avril Lavigne, college na ata ako when I learned cover lang yung kay Av.

What's the origin of the most recent song or piece of music that that you listened to? Identify the nationality of the creator of the music as well as the tradition to which it belongs).

fernandezgrace317’s Profile PhotoGrace Fernandez
Sounds like a homework kind of question.

Nakakalungkot. Pera lang pala nakikita sakin kaya ako nagugustuhan ng babae. Alam kong maraming bagay ang meron sa pagkatao ko na pwedeng magustuhan. Hindi yung pera at ibang materyal na bagay lang. Magaling magpanggap at magsinungaling ang babaeng mukhang pera.

Sorry to hear. Regardless, nawa'y mahanap mo yung babaeng tunay na magmamahal sa'yo, someone who would love you for who you are and appreciate what you can offer more than the financial and material things you have.

What are some of the dark lessons that life showed you?

When you get used to so much darkness, you might find comfort in it, which can be all the more dangerous.

Would you settle for the wrong person or be alone for the rest of your life? Be honest.

Shareteeyy’s Profile Photochae
Be alone for the rest of my life. "I don't need no one else, I can sabotage me by myself." 🙃

Weird ba para sayo kung may taong kayang basahin o alamin yung mga ayaw at gusto mo?

fujiwarazai13723’s Profile PhotoTonichi Chi
Oo, kasi kahit ako mismo hindi ko pa masyado alam yung mga ayaw at gusto ko, hindi ko kilala sarili ko kaya I don't open up much to people. And basically because magulo akong tao.

:Bakit letter "K" ang pendant ng kwintas mo? Diba letter _ naman name mo ? ; Secret po 🤭😌

kayenggg05’s Profile PhotoPttycks
Me when they asked about mine: "Galing sa ex ko."
As if meron haha

Pagbati, mayroon ulit isang user dito sa askfm na nakatapos na sagutan ang mga tanong ko. Muli ulit akong tutupad kung ano ang napagkasunduan noong 2011 pa. 10k coins, any questions ng user, eat all you can at kung ano pang mapag usapan. 1/4/2024 2:25PM

fujiwarazai13723’s Profile PhotoTonichi Chi
Ang husay naman. User reveal nga nang ma-follow.

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nasa huling pahina na pala ako ng libro tapos na pala yung kwento.

It happens, 'no? Yung invested ka masyado sa story that you lose sight of where you currently at, you're expecting and looking forward to more not realizing that you're actually at the last page, at the end of it, and you'd feel like you were left hanging, that there should be something more.. Just like how a relationship ended na hindi mo inaasahan, you were so into the moment and the experience, wishing there's no end to it, but then you just wake up and wala na, tapos na. But since you love the story so much, you love that someone so much, and you wanted to believe that that's not how your story/relationship has ended, you'll expect for a sequel, you'll be wishing for a second chance, a love the second time around..

on a scale of 1-10, gaano ka kajeje dati?

shadheliana’s Profile PhotoSadeel
juDge m3h naL4nG pHoewshzx. I don't think this my peak jeje deiz, though. jejeje. May mas cringe worthy pa, swear. 😂
on a scale of 110 gaano ka kajeje dati

What was a red flag that made you stop talking to a person immediately?

avadroitII’s Profile PhotoAva Banana
May pagka-manipulative. Not immediately, though, it took me quite a while to be able to detach and disconnect.

are you attracted to someone who has the same personality as you or the opposite, and why?

The opposite for the most part. I admire people who can do what I can't, who knows who they are, and are attuned and confident about themselves.

if someone will take you out for a date, which place would you prefer?

Basta yung hindi sana sa matao. Somewhere peaceful and quiet na both namin maenjoy each other's company.


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