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What kind of YouTube channels are you subscribed to?

lostineden’s Profile PhotoLost in Eden •°•☆
You know, it's funny you should ask since I recently had a sort through my youtube subscriptions and unfollowed a bunch of channels that I no longer watched-- and ooh boy, there were a lot to unfollow. I guess that's what happens when you've been using the same youtube account for years and years... 😅
Anywho, my subscriptions now consist mostly of relaxing music, ambient noise, and ASMR. It probably goes without saying that I don't really 'watch' much on youtube these days. I mostly use it for background noise.
There are a couple of bloggers I'm still subscribed to- mainly ones whose channels focus on arts and crafts, cooking, or travel.

Tell me an unexpected compliment you received that caught you off-guard.

gawnferal’s Profile Photohudیٰ
female teachers k Staffroom main copies laykar gaya tha tou class teacher nay "Thank you" kaha aur
meinay smile kartay huay "you're welcome" keh diya.
udhar Arts ki teacher bhi theen,
unho nay kaha "iski smile kitni piyaari hai"
3-4 teachers nay agree kiya.
mein udhar sixth grade ka student pareshaan,
samajh nahi aaya k khush hona hai
harassment ka case karna hai inn pay 🤷🏻‍♂️

Do you have close friends from different cultures?

my closest local friend is a Cherokee elder who literally teaches indigenous arts on reservation.
Two of the ladies at craft night are from Cyprus
My across the street neighbors are from Mexico
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What College do you go to? What are you studying? Why do you find your Classes torture?

I go to a community college and it’s torture because I don’t want to do anything/take the time to read and answer a bunch of questions afterwards since I have a tendency to overthink and procrastinate rather than take action. I went from planning on majoring in the field of health sciences, studio arts and now English. Have you always planned on working at a hotel? That sounds nice :)
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Do you have any posters / pictures / paintings set up on your walls? Feel free to showcase them if you want to 🖼️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
i wanna turn my home into a small art gallery. i love arts and paintings. this is my living room. that small top right corner painting, i have it with me less than 15 years. these things are the breaths of life to me.
Do you have any posters  pictures  paintings set up on your walls Feel free to

What's the last thing that you gave up on? Are you happy or disappointed?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
I gave up on pursuing a degree in studio arts and it was after I failed the beginning stages of drawing class but I’m ok with the decision I made, especially after realizing that I didn’t stand a chance in passing that class with that specific professor and knowing that I had to pass it in order to continue with studio arts. I think the field I’m currently in is alright but the only problems I have are a lack of motivation to do anything these days and being afraid of starting as well as turning in assignments in fear that I’ll do badly on them (as I’ve done in the past).

Masz jakieś takie wspomnienie, że jak o nim sobie pomyślisz to sama ci się mordka cieszy?

cisowiankaaxd’s Profile PhotoBeciA
Ojej, ja magazynuję takie wspomnienia! Głównie są to chwile z moimi bliskimi, np. cosplayowe odpały z psiapsi, głównie kiedy idziemy w świat w full cospach i makijażach takich, że niektórzy mogliby się za nas pomodlić.
Ostatnio oglądałyśmy live action Tokyo Revengers, z pełną świadomością, że nie jest to ekranizacja wysokich lotów. Nie dość, że sceny i casting były tak bardzo złe, to jeszcze nawinęło nam się tłumaczenie AI, z tego tym bardziej cisnęłyśmy bekę xD Takemichi nagle był tłumaczony na Martial Arts, Draken na Long Jiang, a Baji stał się jakimś cudem Adą XD
Mam też taką kawiarenkę, do której zabieram moje ulubione osoby i wyciągam stamtąd same miłe wspomnienia.
Masz jakieś takie wspomnienie że jak o nim sobie pomyślisz to sama ci się mordka

What is something that has a big impact on your life, one that you observe from afar?

VTubers have been one of my most recent sources of motivation. I find them to be quite entertaining and fun to watch.
As with the rest of the world, those are figures that are meant to be observed from afar. They bring joy to many people on the planet, and they do their job very well.
I am proud to be a part of the VTuber world, because it is a wonderful place, filled with many exciting adventures.
And, as a Pixel Artist, the best thing is that it is always fun to make Pixel Arts of VTubers. I never get tired of them.

Is there a personality trait that you'd like to adopt from one of your friends?

Several of my friends are very ambitious. They often tend to get farther than they should, and that seems to work out for them.
I often try to be ambitious when it comes to making Pixel Arts. Using more innovative methods tends to be more fun, in my humble opinion. But when it comes to other stuff, I tend to be a little shy. I do not do more than I should and I simply try to get something done.
So, yes. Being more ambitious would be a fun (and educational) thing.

What is your current occupation?

I’m a college student that’s currently working towards getting an associates degree in English. I switched from health sciences to studio arts and decided to settle down with an English degree in the end.

Answer even if you're in a relationship, just pretend that you're single what is your type?

I think I’ve always been drawn to creative types, or at least, folk who have an interest in the arts. Aside from that, i don’t think I really have a type - I just hope to find guys who are kindhearted, are generally quite positive and we share a similar sense of humour. If they love animals then that’s a definite bonus!

What do you think is your most creative ability?

In my (humble) opinion, my most creative ability is making Pixel Arts.
I have always enjoyed making them. And the bet thing is- I have made them for more than 10 years.
Many people think that Pixel Arts are inferior to Arts. Truth is, both of them are unique in their own way. The style that is used when creating them is quite admirable, and even the smallest of pieces can have big impact on the viewers.
For me, the best thing about Pixel Arts is the way they are made. One addition is capable of making them nicer. And one (accidental) addition is capable of ruining them.
Bonus content can be a blessing or a curse, depending on the way you use it. I have always tried to use content that would fit in the current Pixel Art, but if there is nothing that would work, one has to improvise.
Of course, I am rambling once again. To finish it off, I will say that making Pixel Arts is like a way of life for yours truly. And I think that it will be this way for many, many years.

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As an urban planning student I'm curious, how would you describe an ideal city? 🏙️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
🌳 Tree-lined streets to reduce increasing temperatures
🦼 Increased pedestrianisation, smooth pathways, disabled access
🚃 Frequent, cheap, and accessible public transportation with a wide coverage
🏡 A mixture of accommodation types including sufficient social housing and a variety of other types of housing with built-in-by-default solar panels
🏬 A good balance and mixture of shops and commercial enterprises easily reachable
🎭 A good mixture of arts, social, and recreational places and spaces
🌲 Parks and green spaces
🏫 Sufficient schools and educational establishments for the population
🏥 Sufficient healthcare facilities for the population within easy reach

What's your favorite form of entertainment?

My favorite form of entertainment is gaming. It has been this way ever since I was a child.
Everytime I want to take a break from my work, I usually launch a game and play it for several hours.
To some people, this might seem like a waste of time. But to me, it is something that helps me reassemble my own thoughts. Sometimes, I even work on something that I have in mind (A good example are the multitude of Pixel Arts that I made throughout the years), so it can be quite an interesting experience.
In other words, gaming is the perfect entertainment for me. No stress. No people to annoy you. Just peace and quiet, away from all the bad things in the world.

Why do people think acting isn’t a REAL job? So many people used to say it to me growing up.

chocochipcookie984’s Profile Photo◦•●◉✿Becky✿◉●•◦
It’s a common rebuke from people who misunderstand what constitutes certain types of hard and/or talented work.
Writers, musicians, artists, actors, many in the creative arts hear that kind of thing from time to time.
Here’s a song about it:
https://youtu.be/JRDgihVDEko?feature=sharedCactusDoug’s Video 173282654192 JRDgihVDEkoCactusDoug’s Video 173282654192 JRDgihVDEko

How can people find their passion and purpose in life?

After my graduation, I spent hours contemplating my future. While I can't speak for others, I discovered my passion lies in science. I find joy in discussing and reading about scientific concepts, unlike arts which I know isn't my forte. Despite a challenging graduation period, an internship opportunity allowed me to apply scientific theories practically, which I found immensely satisfying. This experience solidified my belief that science is my calling, my passion. Moreover, I have a strong desire to contribute to society, and I've always known that teaching is where my skills lie. As a teacher, I aspire to motivate and guide students, sharing knowledge while continuing to learn alongside them.
That's how I process....

Gdyby można było cofnąć czas to co byś w swoim życiu zmieniła? Miłego dzionka :3

gduuusiaaa’s Profile PhotoMadziaLenka :3
PL: W swoim życiu może i nic, ale w roku 1907 zaakceptowałabym kandydaturę pewnego austriackiego malarza na Akademię Sztuk Pięknych w Wiedniu.
ENG: Maybe nothing in my life, but in 1907 I would have accepted the application of an Austrian painter for the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

chocochipcookie984’s Profile Photo◦•●◉✿Becky✿◉●•◦
Breathe a HUGE sigh of relief, pay off all my family members’ mortgages and buy a staffed, catered, and fully accessible eco friendly mansion house with chauffeur and relaxing garden - if it’s vast enough, maybe even move other family members in - and come off government support.
I’d also want to set up (well, have someone set up for me) and fund some community projects for poor people, donate to charities, and set up some kind of arts organisation for artists, musicians, and writers etc trying to break through.
(That’s assuming it’s the EuroMillions rollover jackpot or something, rather than like £10 😂)

Did you do any sports or activities as a child?

I did various martial arts, rounders (kind of like the English version of baseball), tennis, and a few different kinds of dance classes before realising I wasn't much of a dancer 😂 Also did a few different musical instrument lessons, but again not for long as I didn't have much talent.

Do you have any goals for 2024 overall? If so, what are they?

Jakeos2’s Profile PhotoJakeos
My goals for 2024 are interesting, but not overly complicated.
For example, my major goals for 2024 are:
- Successfully completing the year (Most importantly)
- Finishing another year in University
- Playing more incredible games (of all genres)
- Spending time with my family (and my pets, too)
Minor goals that I have in mind for this year are:
- Attempting to create more VTuber Pixel Arts (As well as regular Pixel Arts, in general)
- Listening to more outstanding pieces in the music industry (Rock and Metal are my favorites right now)
- Waiting for the MARDEK 4 (The fanmade game) to be released (It is bound to happen someday. Hopefully during this year)
On that note, there are many more goals in mind. But they are often overshadowed by the ones that I mentioned above. Thus, they are not as important as the rest of them.
That is all.

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Hey dude. It's been four years since you posted anything here. What have you been doing during all that time? (If you're still around, that is)

Jakeos2’s Profile PhotoJakeos
Hello there, Jakeos. Surpisingly, I managed to stumble upon my AskFm recently.
Yes, I am back. And I am proud to say that I have done a lot of stuff during the past few years. For example, I got my first taste in making VTuber-related Pixel Arts and started making a lot of them. Those few years have been quite busy.
Speaking of something busy, my schedule has been on fire during the past few months. What with all of the university work and the new games that came out, I have been quite a busy little bee. AskFm was abandoned since I had found different websites to use.
And yet, we still cannot forget where we came from. Family roots are important, and so are the friends that we made along the way. Do I miss this site? Yes? Do I think that I can make an epic return? I doubt it? But the good thing is that I answered a lot of good questions already, and I am proud that my past self took the time to leave an answer for each one of them.
Anyway, that is all that I have to say so far. Thank you for the question. I hope that you, and everyone else, have a wonderful day. :)

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Information technology me nerd kesy bany? Any tips?

Parhna so chahiye jiska shoq ho. Nerd khudhi ban jaoge. Yahan logo me iska confidence nh.
Khaana acha pakate ho to learn cooking. Imagine Salt pie cooking ki jagha Acca karke betha hota.
Painting achi karte ho learn arts according to the modern times.
Jo shoq hai or expertise h wo karo.

What your opinion on parents choosing your life partner as they do by their beliefs as young as 16 a women has to married not for love if had a daughter would you put her thru marrying a stranger ?

missygls’s Profile Photoᴳᴸメ
After some experiences in life i really have very different opinions on women or gender females in general ( don't ask too personal) but to answer your question arrange marriages were successful earlier because both side parents used to support the kids to adjust and move forward on ups and downs.... Unlike today where a small argument can lead to court/ fake cases etc and if I have a daughter I'll teach her to have less ego and be kind, respectful to everyone but I'll also teach her Mixed marital arts to kick a§§ of bullies but I'll make sure i won't let the bad shadow of world ruin her nature or outlook towards humanity 🙏🏻😄 .... How about you?

How do/ did you find out where you belong? Explain how.

You find out where you belong through trial and error. I myself haven’t found exactly where I belong just yet but I do know what I’m passionate about (art, writing, and music) so I spend my days listening to music, sometimes drawing as well and have decided to major in English because I wanted to improve my writing and writing is something I want to focus on for the rest of my life. It didn’t happen overnight tho and I still have dreams of becoming a teacher one day but after failing statistics and not being able to get a degree in the field of health sciences unless I passed statistics made me give up on pursuing a career in the field of health sciences and I switched to studio arts instead. Then, I failed the beginning stages of drawing class and decided that maybe it’s best to make a switch again and found English to be convenient, since I knew I was an introvert and could see myself writing and/or editing works for the rest of my life. All I have to do now is to find more likeminded individuals to continue my passion while being surrounded by those who can motivate me to work harder and to not give up on my dreams.

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Quel genre de film préférez-vous? 🎬

LaurelyneQG’s Profile PhotoLᥱ⳽ QG⳽ ᑯᥱ LᥲᥙɾᥱꙆყᥒᥱ ☆
Pour ma part c'est impossible de n'aimer qu'un seul genre cinématographique ; les voici : arts martiaux, drame, post-apocalyptique, survival-horror, fantastique/épouvante, action, catastrophe, historique, policier/thriller (psychologique), romance, aventure, science-fiction, péplum, western, cape et d'épée, Wu Xia Pian, chambara, giallo (thriller italien), krimi (thriller allemand), fantasy, ...
Quel genre de film préférezvous

Anyone else draw or created art growing yet their drive to keep going with it when 90% of their life was devoted to it so far? Why did you change? What are you doing about it? What are you doing now?

I loved and will always love art but after failing the beginning stages of drawing class, I decided it wasn’t worth paying to take the class once again and decided to give up on my dream of majoring in studio arts. I’m now trying to major in English and get an associates degree and hope to do something with it but I’m not exactly sure what that is yet. I’m not really upset about changing my major but I am upset about not being able to draw realistically or in 3D.

Habt ihr irgendwelche pet peeves, wenn es du mmffs kommt? Sowohl aus der Sicht als Autors, sowie als Teilnehmers?

Was für eine interessante Frage!
Ein wenig Hintergrundwissen zu mir, ich komme ursprünglich aus dem RPG Bereich. Mit 12 Jahren habe ich mit Written Roleplay im Romanformat begonnen und seit einigen Jahren spiele ich mit Freunden eine D&D Kampagne. Das bedeutet, dass die meisten Pet Peeves aus dem Bereich so ein bisschen überschwappen.
Meine Pet Peeves:
- Charaktere, die sich außerhalb der gesetzten Parameter des Canon Universums bewegen. Ich LIEBE Lore. Deshalb versuche ich meine Charaktere so nah wie möglich in die bereits existierende Welt einzubauen und alle Details, die ich hinzudichte an die Lore der Welt anzupassen.
- Altersgerechte FCs. Ich glaube das hat man bei dieser MMFF gemerkt. Aber ich bin vorgeschädigt aus meiner Zeit als Teenager, wo jeder entweder jemanden aus Supernatural oder Vampire Diaries als 16 Jährigen gespielt hat. Habe natürlich ähnliche Fehler gemacht mit meinen ersten Charakteren, also verstehe ich es irgendwie. :D
- Super tragische/edgy Charaktere deren Hauptgrundlage Alkohol- und oder Drogenkonsum ist. Ein wenig Wild vielleicht, aber ich habe bei einigen Geschichten teilweise so viele Charaktere gesehen, deren einziger Punkt dieser Faktor ist. Ich glaube, dass es durchaus ein interessanter Aspekt sein kann, es sollte aber nicht das einzige sein, was den Charakter ausmacht.
- Ein ganz bestimmtes Pet Peeves für HP MMFF: Stereotypische Slytherins with no Depth. Aka Pureblood. Rich. Dark Arts Student. Arrogant. Manipulative. Ice Prince. Hater. Etc… Man muss nicht immer extrem von der Norm abweichen, Stereotypen können auch interessant sein, aber am Ende sollen es doch Charaktere sein mit Tiefe. Auch ein stereotypischer Slytherin kann seine Katze wie ein Baby betüdeln (wenn auch ihm Geheimen) oder bricht unter dem Druck der Familienerwartungen beinahe zusammen? …
Alles natürlich persönliche Empfindungen. ♥ Ich glaube was anderes fällt mir spontan nicht ein.

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What are some special talents that you have? Talents include, but are NOT limited to, playing an instrument, drawing/painting/other fine arts, committing crimes without being caught, drinking lethal amounts of alcohol, and writing good poetry.

Hahaha, I absolutely LOVE your suggestions. I can't claim to be good at any of the above, but I am decent aaaat:
☀️ Making friends with animals. I've got a really great range of furry friends, from my 4kg terrier to my 1100kg bulls and all of the gang in between.
☀️ Making friends with humans, actually. I've been a coach for a decade and every time I've been assessed (which has been way too often - I keep swearing I'm not going to do any more qualifications and then doing them regardless) and my ability to build a rapport with my players is one of my shiny happy traits.
☀️ I'll take a really good stab at identifying a plant. Might not be right but I'll give it a shot.
☀️ I'm a whizzy driver. Which nobody ever really expects because of the whole no-common-sense thing, but I can drive everything from quads and motorbikes to telehandlers and tractors. And I'm fast when I need to be which - in case the DVLA are listening - is never, honest.
☀️ I have a really good repertoire of shit jokes. Need a Dad joke but lack the Dad? I'm your father now, and I'm so proud of you.

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What are some special talents that you have? Talents include, but are NOT limited to, playing an instrument, drawing/painting/other fine arts, committing crimes without being caught, drinking lethal amounts of alcohol, and writing good poetry.

That made me laugh about how it’s such an inspiring list and then it hits the crime and alcohol part 😂
I can draw and paint, photograph (if that still comes under the fine art spectrum) and I can play the piano ~ but I am immensely rusty, I imagine! Alas, I can’t write creatively to save my life, so I can’t claim that talent :)

Which fictional world is your favorite? What makes it so great according to you? 🌌🏰

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
That's a tricky questions since I tend to be affectionate towards a LOT of fictional realms, especially if I am currently immersed into something specific.
At the moment my mind is kind of overtaken by the lore of Lies of P because a Fantasy-/Steam Punk-esque setting during the Belle Epoque era mixed with a dark, twisted gothic adaption of Pinocchio is SO up my alley, oh my god. I finished the game recently and even though I have sworn to never touch a Soulslike/Soulsborne game EVER again (due to nearling losing it towards the end), I, nevertheless, started a new playthrough immedialy after since I was curious about the challenge coming with keeping all of your stats and weapons. And ... I am kind of hooked? I improved a lot since my first hours because the learning curve is exceptionally well in this game. The atmosphere is great and I could easily fawn over every tiny detail of this game without ever feeling bored or oversaturated. I just developed a strong bond to its fictional world during the time I was (and still) working on my Thesis. And even though the game frustrated me to the point I shed literal tears, it still lingers on my mind and I am so happy about the announcement of a DLC and second part in the near future, phew.
But to answer the question without hyperfixating myself too much on one specific fictional world: Generally, I am drawn towards dark fantasy settings, especially if they involve fairytales, epic fights, love, friendship, character growth and an expectional atmosphere. Lord of the Rings suits to this description quiet well (or any other genre/lore of that matter). I am also fond of the fae folk (fairies, dwarfs, elves etc.) and tend to gravitate towards books, TV shows, games and other media concerning these tropes. They are just so great to reminiscence over. I currently finished the show 'Blue Eye Samurai' and loved it to bits and pieces. I think that Martial Arts are also a huge part of my interests since I am hugely interested in Japanese and generally Eastern folklore and history.
Of course I have to mention Harry Potter as well. Everything that involves a magic system is my safe space. Sort of. I like whimsical stories as well. I think my interests mainly range between 'cozy and wholesome' and 'dark and twisted' and sometimes there is no balance to that. But I like that about myself.
I almost forgot my love for Ghibli movies (I recently discovered that most of the people spell 'Ghibli' completely wrong and now I feel kind of cocky about pronouncing it correctly, haha (no gatekeeping intended, it's meant as a joke)). The world of Miyazaki is so dense, so beautiful and utterly detailed, that I am hyped for his next movie 'The Boy and the Heron'. I've spent so much time studying this man's career and art style, that I feel entitled to be called knowledgable in this specific fandom. Yeah. A lot of fandoms, a lot to unravel.

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ليه شغالع ايه اه خوفتي يلا ع مطبخ بس جيل فاشل ارهنك ان شغلك ع قدك

فعلا شغلى على قدى مش عيب على فكرة مش المهم الشغل ايه المهم بشتغل وبالنسبة ان حضرتك بتصفنى انى من الجيل الفاشل انا خريجة computer science وحاليا بدرس English faculty of arts translation department طبعا دا غير ان واخدة كورسات كثير ف مجالى وناجحه فيه الحمد لله و بفضل ربنا ونعمته ان وانا عندى ٢٢سنه كان عندى شركة ماركتينج وتصميم فى الميديا والإعلان بتاعتى يمكن هى مش كبيرة بس الحمد لله مشروع خاص بيا وجمبها عندى مشروع ثانى ليه اكثر من فرع وبرضوا ناجح الحمد لله وخدمى مش مجرد بيحقق ربح وخلاص وف نفس الوقت بحب المطبخ اصل دخول المطبخ مش عيب ولو عيب مكنش رجالة اشتغلوا طباخين اصله شغل ستات 😂

Do you have an obsession? 😸 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
My strange obsession (s):
- Llamas
- Unicorns
- LOVE MUSHROOMS (to eat, probably an unpopular opinion lol)
- OBSESSED with truffle oil
- OBSESSED with potatoes
- reading fortunes/collecting fortune cookie fortune
- Lace anything
- Sunglasses/shoes that stand out (that's how I tend to express myself fashionably lol)
- Aloe Vera - obsessed with the smell and the way it feels when it's applied - makes me feel REBORN
- Covfefe (the white girl kind - aka has the "essence" of coffee on it lol)
- Past lives/psychics/the past/aliens/conspiracy theories/ect
- Arts n' crafts
The list goes on and on, lol.
Do you have an obsession

Es ist ja immerhin ne ✨💕Romance-MMFF💕✨ Welche der fünf Sprachen der Liebe ist denn die deines OCs?

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
Ich hab direkt auch mal den Test gemacht, weil der mir beim googeln begegnet ist. Tatsächlich passen die Ergebnisse so echt ganz gut zu dem was ich mir ohnehin überlegt hatte :)
Das Resultat ist:
33% Words of Affirmation
23% Quality Time
23% Arts of Service
17% Physical Touch
3% Receiving Gifts
Actions don’t always speak louder than words. If this is your love language, unsolicited compliments mean the world to you. Hearing the words, “I love you,” is important— hearing the reasons behind that love sends your spirits skyward. Insults can leave you shattered and are not easily forgotten. You thrive on hearing kind and encouraging words that build you up.

What's the biggest change you have made in your life in the last few years?

I hadn't chosen computer science as a subject because I was more into arts and books than working on a computer.
In the last 4 years, from typing my first assignment on a pc to actually investing my savings in buying a laptop and related gadgets, my life has had a drastic change, you can say.
I have YouTubed every little thing I needed to learn and learnt it with practice and application.

A votre humble avis les jeux vidéos sont-ils un domaine d'art? 🎮

LaurelyneQG’s Profile PhotoLᥱ⳽ QG⳽ ᑯᥱ LᥲᥙɾᥱꙆყᥒᥱ ☆
Ça serait stupide de penser le contraire. À mon humble avis il représente une parfaite synthèse entre le 3e art (arts visuels : peinture, dessin, etc.) et le 7e art (cinéma)...
Il y a également tout un staff derrière (développeurs, producteurs, scénaristes, responsables des effets spéciaux, graphistes, planificateurs, etc...)
A votre humble avis les jeux vidéos sontils un domaine dart

Si tu pouvais entrer dans un dessin-animé, lequel choisirais-tu ? Moi les tortues ninja.

AliciaMarquisDragon’s Profile PhotoAliciaDragon
Oh, ça serait génial de me retrouver dans un dessin animé!
Les Tortues Ninja, c'est un choix cool.
L'action, les arts martiaux, et l'ambiance urbaine de New York, ça doit être une aventure excitante.
Mais personnellement, je pense que je choisirais l'univers de "Rick et Morty".
C'est fou, déjanté, avec des aventures interdimensionnelles et un humour sarcastique.
Ça promet toujours des moments délirants et inattendus.
Et toi, pourquoi les Tortues Ninja ?
Si tu pouvais entrer dans un dessinanimé lequel choisiraistu  Moi les tortues

What kind of school did you go to? Was it a school where people would gossip a lot, bigger in size, a school that had a lot of gifted students, etc.? Also if you were homeschooled, what was your experience like?

I went to two high schools at the same time. In the mornings, I went to a standard public high school for classes like math and english and science, and then in the afternoons I went to an arts high school where I studied fine arts. I was kind of popular at the regular hs and very popular at the arts hs. I had a lot of friends at both and did well in my classes.

Who's your favorite artist (as in fine arts), and why?

Jeez, I have no idea, as in there’s too many to choose from! As a person, Van Gogh is my favourite; he seemed like he had a beautiful soul, and his letters and artwork are beautiful.
Claude Joseph Vernet and Turner’s works are incredible; the use of colour, detail and emotion (particularly with Turner) is so inspiring to see. John Martin, his work is so incredibly epic, in subject, grandeur and scale.
I could be here for days, and still forget artists. I tend to go by works I enjoy when I see them, as opposed to having an all time favourite artist :)

Do you think most friendships are built on common interests and hobbies? I don’t think a bookworm and a gym addict could become friends idk

The idea that bookworms don’t train and gym enthusiasts don’t read is likely pretty false though.
I trained martial arts for many years and also have an extensive library.
But anyway, yes it’s more likely that friends have at least something in common.
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Szerinted mi a depresszió? 🙄

- Egy rohadt nagy, erős kéz, ami összeszorít, morzsolgat, vagy épp' elemi erővel nyomja befelé a mellkasodat, mintha elefánt állna rajta.
- Egy 'erő', ami kiszívja belőled az energiát, az életkedvet, a jókedvet, kifakítja a színeket, eloltja a fényt, elvonja az oxigént.
- Egy 'hang', ami becsmérel, ami végtelenített módban pörgeti a fejedben azokat a dolgokat, amik kínoznak, ami suttogja, hogy árts magadnak (akár véglegesen, akár csak tegyél kárt magadban), ami elhiteti veled, hogy nem vagy alkalmas semmire, nem érdemelsz semmi jót, stb.
- Egy rohadt mély gödör, ragadós sárral az alján, ami méginkább nehezíti a kijutást. Van, aki belefullad, van, aki kitartó munkával - és ha szerencséje van, segítséggel - ki tud onnan mászni.
- Egy zárt, sötét börtön, ahol a cellatársak az ember kínjai, meg ahonnan nem látja a holnapot sem
- Többszázkilós súly
- Egy búra, amin át látja az ember a külvilágot és az is látja az embert, de nem férnek egymáshoz
- Remek fogyókúra, mivel alig eszel (bár, van aki vigaszkajál miatta)
- A hit próbája (persze annak, akinek van hite)
- Ihletadó az alkotáshoz

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Do you have or have you had "intrusive thoughts" about doing something that is usually unconventional, and did you follow through with it? 🤔😝 What was it? (For example: sitting on a cactus, driving off with a car as a kid lol, having arts n' crafts with your hair, ect)

In the northern states, the winters can be cold. In non-urban areas, people will stop at a convenience store mornings for coffee/snacks. It is not unusual for some to leave their cars running. I’ve considered what it might be like to just hop in for a joyride.
Then I remember I’m not a car thief.
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