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75% of the time...I feel like leaving this place and not looking back...but I can't do that..

Hum... i dont know how helped you ..

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What song hurts you ? Quelle chanson te fait du mal? Que canción te lastima ?

kurtlopezchavarria’s Profile PhotoKurt Skate
-Get it right-Lea Michele
-Cough syrup-Darren Criss
-If i die young-Naya Rivera
-No surrender- Noah Puckerman
-Season of love-Glee
-i still haven’t found what I’m looking for -Glee

Quelle série/film netflix tu préfères

-Pretty little liars
Pis le restant boff haha

Who is your favourite artist? And when I mean Artist I mean painter or singer

LittleBear558’s Profile PhotoPjmscub
I love Jonathan Groff and I don’t follow painter sorry... I like Billie eilish too (sorry for doing mistake on this Name)

Que penses-tu des relations de longue distance?

J’en pense que je serais pas capable moi, pis j’ai full de question ... j’suis tanner. Sont en anglais en plus, arke mon anglais

As-tu une chose à laquelle tu tiens tellement que tu serais capable de risquer ta vie pour la défendre ?

Mon frère surment :)

What's a song that you like that others might think is bizarre or different? Don't be shy to share, all music is good in its own way! ?

Every songs of glee ?


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