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Can someone who suffers from depression and trauma ever be really loved by someone?

Everyone's answer is No.

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Why are you so afraid of love

Before I sowed my seeds, It was not knowing what love consisted of. Feeling unworthy of love, not sure if I'd get the same in return. Now it's fear of loving the wrong way

Oh my God I can’t believe it I blocked him tell him goodbye then I get the techs who shall it be the older wiser one who wants to do nothing but love me on his way to see me this late oh my God it’s gonna be a great night


So him seeing you over here made him jealous and worried a little so he had to come by and see me we have a date tomorrow night after he gets off work another late night cruise under the stars this is gonna be so fucking great you had your chance n blew it the minute you walked away didn’t come bac


What’s like to not sleep for two days straight?

Well if it's anything I'd compare it with it'll be like tryna catch a nut with your ass!!!! Impossible..

I miss you all I can do is think about you, can’t eat can’t sleep can’t listen to music can’t do art….im such a coward for not calling ugh

Fuck it

What’s so bad about you that you would stop yourself from pursuing a crush that liked you back?

Complicated relationship, Bad habits, and afraid to love too much. Mostly bad habits

I want to open my purse but I think the hulk is going to show himself is angry

Damn right,,I see you..everything


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