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Is there actually decent people on this app to talk to? Or is it all just anon’s and perv’s 🤣

GeorginaKeemcook’s Profile PhotoGeorgina
Hahahahaha can’t speak for everyone but we aren’t all pervs some of us are genuinely bored 🤣😭😂
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If you were a king I would be your queen 👑🥰

Bold statement why you so sure I want you as a queen?

Do you prefer your birthday or Christmas?

spicyginger1888_’s Profile Photospicyginger1888
Always my birthday one it’s in the summer and two it’s mine although I love a Xmas dinner but u can have that on your bday

I love your answers, you're such an intelligent person🍻

Unjust honest otherwise what’s the point 🤣🤣


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