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Why people are so mean around here ?

because when you have anonymity you have the feeling of security. When people feel they have no consequences the worst parts of a person can arise. But people are capable of great good as well!

Can you post an inspirational quote???

“It’s Not Whether You Get Knocked Down, It’s Whether You Get Up.” – By Vince Lombardi

If you had to date a beast would u?

like beauty and the beast? i suppose. I enjoy a person for who they are more than how they look. Appearances fade in time. So they are pointless.
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what ur favorite weather? season? do u like rain?

rainy, winter, yes i love the rain. Quiet slow rainy days in winter are the best

Do you trust your instincts? Have they ever deceived you?

i overthink things. So i usually ignore them. But they are usually right


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