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Who do you want to marry?

marriage? its never really been on my mind. i mean until i met alu i was sure that i would die alone. i just want to enjoy the time we have. marriage is a title. love is what matters.

What is the best way to learn a foreign language? Do you speak any?

no. i tried learning some japanese but i could not afford to get rosetta stone

What could be your reasons for discontinuing friendship with a person?

it takes a lot to stop a friendship with me. Most just go silent and life happens. Actually ending a friendship requires someone to show me they are not responsible at all and stab me in the back. Sadly im am all too familiar with the latter.

What lies do you most often tell yourself?

that its ok to let myself suffer if it saves someone else the pain. However, this does not fix issues. only makes communication harder

What is the meaning of happiness!!????

happiness is what life was meant to be. The small glimpses of joy and happiness are a small part of a picture we can never fully see.

What is your greatest success in your life?

well it's not over yet. But i have the grit to get things done. I've not done anything amazing. i believe small things make big changes.

Do you tend to stand out or blend in with a crowd?

Stand out. I am an ENFJ personality type. So i tend to be loud and goofy

have u done any art latly

No, I've all but stopped drawing. Life has been way harder the past few years. However, i believe i can share my most recent last edited september of 2019
have u done any art latly

What is the most popular sport in your country?

football, I mean American football, not soccer. Not really sure why We decided to call football after soccer XD actually, I'm going to look that up on youtube now.

Do you have a best friend?

i have several. Danial Duckett, Aaron Whorton and a few others. I consider them brothers

What's the chance of getting your reply if I am unknown?

Pretty good as long as i do not forget to check the site XD

i really wanna know more about your personality/ What are your secrets?

i am goofy, an oddball and i love making people laugh. As for secrets i have little of them as i am a very open person

Do you think that your name suits on your personality ?

somewhat though i am not sure what name may suit me better

How would you introduce yourself on dating app?

hi, I'm a big guy that's not bald ...yet. I'm fairly fit on the inside. Also, i am very caring, honest, and fair in all i do. There are many things i have tried and many skills i have learned. However, you will have to ask to learn what they are :D Good Luck


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