Ask @fouronenoob:

Do you remember your 1st quickscope? The white in the eyes of your enemy as you aimed. Did you have thoughts that maybe this man had a wife&kids back home waiting for him, and as you pulled the trigger you saw the life leave his eyes and go dead all while knowing his family will never see him again.

there was a moment of joy, followed by a terrible sense of dread. i thought to myself "how could i have done this? he might've had kids...a waifu..." i felt horrible.
and then i yelled "360 quickscoped kid" over voice chat and laughed.

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would you rather have 3 arms or 3 legs? Imagine all the cool/freaky things you could do with an extra limb. Where would you place it? Imagine all the clothing you couldn't wear without adjustments. If you refuse to get a third arm/leg the mad scientist hacks off all your appendages so think wisely.

Colonel J
third arm.
i'd be stronger, i'd be able to hold more things, i'd be able to climb things i wish i had 3 arms.
probably on my chest.

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