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because you won't answer me on anything else and you popped up on my feed.. I've only asked this question and the last two.. I never said the one about being a dick to girls or the one underneath it

Wow, well if that's the case there's many creepers about talking shit they have no clue on, being creepy cunts asking me questions on something I haven't used in a year, all of you asking me questions on this thing are sad man, go away and leave me alone, asking me question on fucking ask.fm of all things.

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Idk why I'm saying this but omg you seem a really sweet guy and I'd actually like to start speaking to you but I'm too shy and too ugly and too fat to speak to you >_< omg you'd think I was a vile human

Uhh thanks I guess?:') but nahhh, I wouldn't, pop up on Facebook or something?:)

Would you ever go out with someone who self harms or has done? And if so what would you say to them about it?

I've already been with 1/2 people who have done.

I miss you Kyle :( we used to be really close and talk all the time! Your just jealous I still live in Scotland haha

Aww I'm sorry :( who is this?!

Opinion on Shann' Summerfield? She wants a massive paragraph btw -cough- (;

She's a tit.
Lol jk.
N'awww you're a cutie, we used to be quite close and talk a lot but now we just don't after that argument we had, kinda killed off our friendship so it's not good :( we should talk again more, would be nice ;3 but you're very pretty, and easy to get on with ;3

Oi dick 'ed! I'm a big tough anon who's going to spam shit to you about stuff that doesn't concern me, because I'm soooo tough and mature! Don't know how I'm doing this because I have such a massive social life I'm surprised I've found time. #nosarcasm #bigman #toughasfuck #hashtag

Oh ermm, ok, good for you?
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-cont- on anon:L stupid people. It doesn't matter how long a relationship lasts. I'm only 14 and me+my ex went out for 6 months, and I'm crazy about him and people say its only a crush. Naah, they dunno what you actually feel, they just assume they do:L ignore it kyle x

-nks :') haha x

I know I don't know you, but ignore the anon's. I know what its like people interfering in your love life, it makes things 10x worse. Everyone just needs to butt out:3 you aren't ugly, but it isn't all about looks in a relationship, you shallow cretins. Don't call someone a pussy,if you're-cont-

Awwww tha-

Anyone that hides behind a computer screen to call someone ugly or whatever it was they called you, is probably inbred and not to be worried about:')

Mud blood
Exactly, ahh well, they seem to have fucked off now

Just laugh at the fuckers (: they have nothing else better than write insults on anon, when they are probs fat hairy guys xD maybe not but it's a funny thing, imagine them running o.0 sorreh if I've scared you.. So uhmm yeah you're welcome :) and I'm known to you.. But unknown :3 -unknown

I am doing, they think I actually care what they have to say, it's hilarious, and they're still going on with selves now, have another question from them xD they hide behind a computer screen and it's just hilarious tbh.


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