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ever danced on ur ex wedding? siyaapaa hi khatam!

Bss 2 saal me hum bhi iss daur se guzrenge 🙂

Once again I smiled when I wanted to cry. I think i am strong

Strength isn't associated with crying, you can cry and still be strong. :)

And if a thousand others love you, they will only love you a drop compared to his ocean of love for you.🌸

And if a thousand others love you they will only love you a drop compared to his

What steps can I take to find more happiness and fulfillment in my life?

There is no key to happiness, happiness is the key. You can't find happiness and fulfillment, it is always there within us. Heard of Musk Deer? It runs everywhere in search of an enchanting smell. That smell comes from nowhere but from his own naval. He himself is the source.
I hope you got my answer :)

Is it okay to talk to random people about serious shit if you don't feel like your friends can help?

Yes, of course.. why not! I mean I have never ever in my life till now shared anything with anyone around me. This is one of the reasons why I am here on this app. I have always felt way more easy to talk with random strangers than express in front of my friends. Honestly, idk if it's okay or not, but if you don't have such friends to talk about serious issues then I think you have no option but to talk to random people because you got to let out your feelings rather than bottling them up. But I'd also suggest, be aware of whom you talk to. Take care :)

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Scribble down some random thoughts.

We should express our love and gratitude to our loved ones before it's too late. Life is limited, so is our time with them.. it will be over even before we know it.
'पतझड़ में जो फूल मुरझा जाते हैं
वो बहारों के आने से खिलते नहीं
कुछ लोग एक रोज़ जो बिछड़ जाते हैं
वो हजारों के आने से मिलते नहीं
उम्र भर चाहे कोई पुकारा करे उनका नाम
वो फिर नहीं आते वो फिर नहीं आते' 🥀

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Valentine week has started 🤣 what's you thought about it 😅

laxmikanth_cool’s Profile PhotoLax
I think it's like a 7 day festival of lovers. And it's kind of sweet. Tbh I don't actually think about it much. But I'd like to share my first and the only valentine's day experience 😁
We were 15 year old school kids stressed because of exams. We had our boards in March, and we were having pre-board and practicals in Feb. I didn't get pocket money, i couldn't buy anything. So, I drew things, wrote my feelings related to each day on papers and attached them together. And I must say those sketches were so stupid 😂 Gave it to him on 15th coz 14th was a holiday. When he received it, he thought it's an assignment looking at the file cover. The moment he opened it, he had this huge blushing smile on his face, and it just got wider with each page flipping. And with that, my smile was getting even wider. That smile right there, which he had on his face, that damn smile has my heart ❤️

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Valentine week has started  whats you thought about it

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Why are we stuck in the past ?

dahaar12’s Profile PhotoDouble Trouble
Because we can't let go of those happy times, those feelings that made us feel alive, and we don't want to accept how things have changed now, we can't accept that our present is nothing like our past. That's where we end up hurting ourselves, by comparing our pasts with our present. Our lives, our surroundings, our people, even us, everything go through different phases, everything changes. Nothing was and will never remain as it is. The only thing that is constant is change. Once we accept this, we won't be stuck in the past, nor we will be anxious of our future, that's when we can really be in the present, where we belong. Live the present as much as we can coz the moment it becomes past, we realise its worth. We have to keep going or else we will regret what we missed when we were too busy in being stuck. So what I say is- Cherish the memories, Live the moment and have Faith in morrow ♡

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Why are we stuck in the past

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