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Does have someone to support me, because when l came out as Lesbian, my family hate me a lot, l wish they could support me, but no, they hate me, they are the one that make me Lesbian and when l came out they hate me, please 🥺, l need all your support 😭😭, ( please answer me if you understand me)

ElizaMenzel029’s Profile PhotoElizaMenzel029
I support anyone apart of LGBTQ+ I myself am apart of it

معقول ما نعود احباب نمرق متل الاغراب؟🥺🚶🏻‍♂️

AseelFarraj29’s Profile PhotoAZEAL
Can you translate that for me

How many questions totals do you have in your inbox? Me 3K

I have cleared them all out but i had 85


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