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What physical features do you find most attractive in a guy/girl?

rapperjamal00’s Profile Photojamal c
brown/dark hair, light eye color, round or almond eyes, freckles, and I don't know if this is a physical trait but voice?

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Do you have any pets? What kinds? Post a picture of them if you want 🥰

rapperjamal00’s Profile Photojamal c
Nope but I wish I did! I'm planning on getting a cat and maybe a bird too when I get older though

is smoking a good stress reliever?

I haven't smoked before but I feel like people who do/just started smoking are being kind of reasonable, I mean if you had a very stressful life, and my strict parents and the boundaries that I have to stay within is one of the reasons for my stress, I would totally start smoking, I think it would make me feel freer as if I've finally stepped out of these boundaries.

There is some weird people on this app be careful. Like why the hell is this person texting me. Idk who you are.

Julyssamjp’s Profile PhotoDaffodil
If you mean texting on this app then it's normal? They just want to talk, and of course, if you feel uncomfortable then block them/end the chat.

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اوحش حاجة اما تراهن علي شخص و تحارب الناس كلها عشانه ومتسمعش لرأي حد و تسد ودانك عن كل النصايح اللي بتبعدك عنه و تبقي بتحاول تثبت للكل ان اختيارك هو الصح ..المشكلة اما يخذلك الشخص دا وميطلعش قد ثقتك فيه بتبقي خايف تعترف بكدا قدام نفسك قبل اي حد و دا بيخليك تكمل و تيجي علي نفسك عشان خايف تواجه الناس

m_elblasy’s Profile PhotoMohamed Elblassy ⛓
im confused??

If you could change just one thing about yourself (physical, emotional, mental, personality), what would it be and why?

rapperjamal00’s Profile Photojamal c
I wish I didn't have to think the way I do, bc when I finally feel like I figured out a plan, everything's ruined by this one thing/event that happens in public...

is anybody’s actually normal on here that don’t ask about fuckin? 😭

dhatjhitnene5’s Profile PhotoNene
IKR?? literally the only question that've been showing up recently


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