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i love the stream, but how did you start streaming? did you make a steady scedule or just played 1 game the whole time? Keep up the great work!

Thanks! I planned for months before "Arkpit" went live and had been on streams as a Starcraft2 commentator before that. I had a schedule from day 1 in terms of "when" but not for "what". I had no more than 5 viewers during my first 5 months of streaming and it was around there I was recommended Osu! Before that it was mostly LoL and indiegames :)
When I started streaming Osu! there were perhaps 4 others at any given time but we realized the game was growing so it was there I decided to take my chance to be one of the top streamers for a game :)
I just hope I can continue to provide all of you with many more hours of fun!
Thanks a thousand for all the support!

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