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Was talking to a girl we stopped I haven't spoken to her in ages but I wanna msg her what should I do

maxravenscroft1100’s Profile PhotoM4T0XIC
Just message her. Tell her you want to meet up, either she will agree or say no, but you will know. Don't sit and wonder

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Do you like theme parks? The ones that have rides in them?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon
Yeah I don't mind them. I love the rides but I don't like how they make my stomach feel🤢

this guy said I don't need to wear so much makeup. do you think he'd like me more if I stopped wearing it? does he find me more attractive without it?

I find most women look better natural, it's such a con for women to wear make up, unfortunately it is designed to mess with women's hormones too, your skin will thank you x

my future partner should treat me like a princess and shouldnt forget how lucky he is to have me, i want him to dedicate his whole life to making me happy. otherwise i dnt want him

It works both ways

i was thinking about dyieng my hair red. do guys like red hair on gals?

It depends on what the rest of you looks like 🤣

i'll make you cry

That's ok, I made your mum cry last night when it slipped in the wrong hole with no lube

How old is everyone on here? Based on the questions I receive I assume the average age is 16. Would appreciate to see some maturity, not just childishness.

I'm 5 billion squillion kajillion years old

fr I don't understand why some people give these long answers to questions on here. it's not your diary it is a social media app where people ask questions. no one needs to know your whole life story.

I'm a toilet cake

At what age do you consider someone " old" 🤔🤔

You are only old when you give up. I still feel like I did when I was a teenager and I'm nearly 40


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