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Omg those tanya sandals are so nice! Which color did you get? Love the classic black but the velvet green... they are nice too?

Nude :-) Velvet green sounds nice too

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What shoes/sandals would you like to buy for this summer?

I just got the By Far Tanya sandals and of course I’ll be wearing my espadrilles.

Thank you! May I ask what you paid fir the DVF dress? I'm hoping to get lucky too?

I want actually that lucky because I had to pay an additional €34 customs. The dress was $69 excluding shipping from the US.

What are your favorite MAC lipsticks? And your fave's in general?

I like MAC’s iconic reds such as Ruby Woo and Russian Red. And the Spice lipliner. I love Chanel, Tom Ford, Estée Lauder, Maybelline do Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks.

Where is your dress from and what lipstick are you wearing on your insta stories? You are so pretty??

Thank you! The dress is DvF via eBay and the lipstick I’m wearing Tom Ford ‘Indian Rose’ and a discontinued L’Oréal nude lipliner.
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You look so chic! Where is that suit from? And it makes me curious, what do you do (what job)? ?

I was just pretending to be a business executive lol. It was a reference to queer culture (without appropriating, I hope) / Paris is Burning and Pose (both on Netflix). I got the blazer at Arket on sale in January and the trousers are old H&M.
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Haha thanks! Last question about those shoes I swear, do you have the normal or soft sole? Just wondering if that makes any difference. Allthough soft sounds nice

Soft sole sounds nice indeed. I have the normal ones and they’re already pretty comfortable. :)

What color arizona's do you have? I can't decide between stone and taupe :s

I think I have taupe, but you should get them in stone.
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Birkenstock boston and arizona, do you like them ? Which one most ?

I have the Arizonas and I tried very hard last summer to not wear them too often. I wouldn’t wear the Bostons but MKA get away with them.

Do you like the Rouje lipsticks? Which colours are your favourites?

I don’t actually. I think the whole brand is overrated. The quality of the clothes doesn’t look so good either.
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I am (dark) blonde, but my eyebrows tend to be a bit darker. Hence my hesitation what colour to get ?

Hm, I still think blonde would be best.
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PS what colour of bow boy do you use ? Its hard to choose the right colour online :s thanks!

Blond! I might be able to advice you. What hair colour do you have?
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Best 5 movies of 2018 ?

Phantom Thread and First Reformed. I forgot what else I saw in 2018, though I’ve probably seen nearly all 2018 releases lol


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