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Kierstens so ugly! Why are you her friend?

youre an ugly bitch for talking bout my friend .
my question to you is , why are you breathing & talkin shit ? ??

No I mean do 3 of your best girl and guy friends on your team

i barley like anyone on my team ? .
i only fuck with jj and charles & not really sasha as much . but charles is kinda fake ??

thoughts on Sammy

come off anon yo ?? .
and it doesnt matter what i think of people , youre just drama that probably one of her friends and are gonna screenshot it and tell her , not that i think about about her , but you would tell her ? . soo byee !

tell a funny, sad, scary, or interesting story, it can be true or made up

one time there was a flying butt ...
the bus liked to go around and suck people up , until one day .... its exploded and thats how pluto came about ...
but when it exploded , those people some how were sent to earth , along with ... cheese .
those people were one of the first people on earth , after the world was made up of monkeys .

If you were really hungry, really exhausted, AND really gross, what would you do first — eat, nap, or shower?

nap ?
i need to loose weight
& the shower can wait , i just wont sleep in my bed .

Would u ever date John, ik u guys Snapchat a lot

idk, it would be weird , like he's friends with my brothers and shit & I wouldn't wanna date someone , then ruin their friendship and stuff .


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