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so if everyone believes in fate that there is that special someone that's destined for them no matter what he/she do they will end up being together, so we can just wait right cause eventually they will come, but what if we all waited?

Drink coffee while you waiting. Its the best though.

my ex keeps giving me mixed signals, what should i do?

Don't entertain, he's not the only man in the world. If he's really into you, he will never makes you feel that way .

guess what? i like someone who will be 18 na sa july SO ANO NA EDI BAWAL PA RIN KAMI???????????????

Theres no age in love. Walang bawal bawal, push mo yan. But always use trust .

I'm difficult I know. Would you still accept me?

Don't lose hope. There's someone out there who will accept you, fully.

Paano kung naka graduate kana tapos bigla kang namatay

Edi goods. Tapos na ang paghihirap mo, hindi muna mararanasan mag apply ng trabaho at kung ano ano pa na pasakit sa mundo . 🥴

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