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I want a dog. What breed do you recommend?

Breed or no breed is actually fine. The most crucial factors I think are the dog's size, temperament, energy level, & individual personality. I recommend you research to find out which breeds have the characteristics that will fit your lifestyle & personality.

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Have you ever made a mistake?....what's the biggest one you've ever made...?

When I let my sarcasm-based Filipino humor slip out during that particular summer camp for one of my clubs in Japan. I think it came off as extremely rude to others that I got the passive-aggressive treatment after that. I honestly crumbled in sadness deep inside cos it was my last week in Japan & i just had to mess it up

Do you make someone happy? ? Who makes you happy? ✌?️

I try to make my parents happy sometimes. My friends make me happy.

Does the sound of people chewing their food annoy you? Me:No

It sounds weird to me if it's quiet in the room and you can hear every little sound of the chewing. But generally it does not annoy me.

Who makes you smile???, even no reason?

There is always a reason behind every action. Dad makes me smile when he sends me pics of our dogs

if you could delete one yesterday from ur life, what will be that yesterday? ????

You mean like a past event? I'd "delete" eating that burger from one of our stopovers on the way to Baguio. I think it got my stomach sick haha

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?

Throw my mom's new wooden boomerang souvenir (from Australia) straight at the wall across the (bed)room. That was the crispiest crack I've heard in my life.

how many times do you think before you make a decision?

usually twice or thrice. when i'm sleepy, once.

What's the most memorable thing from the last six months?

When my friends helped me out for a paper ?

When was the last time you laughed so hard you were crying?????????

Can't remember but i think it was at least a month ago?


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