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What was the most popular shoutout you sent? (Most popular = amount of replies received)

“Ну чё? Как шаутауты? ?☕️” – 4
All the answers were in the vein of “Sorry, nesaprotu krieviski...” :(

How many Shout-outs have you received /sent / replies received ?

Shoutouts received: 4
Shoutouts sent: 1
Shoutouts replies received: 2
Fucks given: 0
Liked by: ArtČoms

How many phones have you had in your life?

If I didn’t miss any, 8. That was a fun trip down the memory lane... ?
Ericsson T20
Siemens MT50
Nokia 3200
Nokia 5300
Samsung S5230
HTC Desire S
iPhone 5
iPhone 6s

The UEFA Champions League Final takes place this evening. For which team will you be cheering?

Nashville Predators
The UEFA Champions League Final takes place this evening For which team will you

Какие действия парней/девушек вам кажутся соблазнительными?

Этот момент когда она говорит что "Империя" — её любимый фильм... ?
Liked by: TomASK dark sarcasm

Nice coffee name! ?

I see your point, but the coffee itself is very nice too. 10/10 would recommend. Would also recommend Rocket Fuel Guatemala coffee from the same roastery.
Anyhoo, if I were a betting man, I would guess that the Magic Pussy name is a double entendre, which is probably why there are two cats printed on the bag.
Nice coffee name


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