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What's your best piece of bad advice?

BritneyIsBack’s Profile PhotoOBII SHIINOBII
Live the most perfect life possible free of any risk, excitement, or pleasure because there's always going to be plenty of time to enjoy life tomorrow.

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If you had a million dollars how would you spend it?

By putting those dollars to work networking and convincing others dollars to join them as a collective that only allows thier broken down metallic counterparts to be spent.

Do you think being an atheist makes one stronger, weaker or that it doesn’t effect their inner strength and will to live?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Probably depends on the value and esteem they hold for the term atheist. Maybe they are insecure about worry about being wrong

Do you help out in your community?

I am a member of a non profit group of Veterans that help eachother find purpose after service by serving our local community through volunteering, mentoring and providing manpower when needed.

Ever trapped someone in a relationship?

What would be the point in having someone around whose resentment of you only gets stronger every day.

What’s your opinion on hook up culture?

You only live once be safe and explore its okay. It will help you put things in perspective and help you calibrate the kind of things that should be in place when its time to settle down. People may not admit it but having someone who knows what they need and want is better than someone that is curious about what they possibly missed out on.

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to form a friendship with someone that sends you personal questions on here and think of the possibility of contacting them outside of this app?

Having been in similar situations when I was in the millitary. Communicating with sponsors before getting to a new duty station. Its always a little awkward at first adjusting to your perception of a person vs them IRL

Going on a date with a guy I don’t think I see a future with…I’m considering on still going?

Allow yourself the opportunity to be wrong about someone. At the same time listen to you instincts but enjoy the experience.

Do you think it’s worth it going into the acting industry, even if u live in a society that’s very racist to your kind trying to do it?

If you like acting act dont let people's inability to act decent affect you.

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