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I mean like not live by his family. Don't you ever want to have your own family.

I want to. Really bad. I guess it's up to him. He needs to get a second job first.
I would love to live far away from everyone with just our own little family. I've been wanting it got awhile.

Are you excited for the launch of Cupcakes & Crossbones children's boutique set for the end of this month?!

I honestly don't know what that is. Never heard of it. Lol, sorry!

What are you obsessed with?

iPhone cases. Lol. I bought 8 in the last month since I've had my iPhone. I have 3 more in the mail right now. Lmao.

... So is it safe to assume your boyfriend sells drugs because you wont specify what he Actually does "from home".

LMAO. No! Get a fucking life and quit being a stalker. I am not posting what he does for work. He supports his family that's all that matters.

To whomever is calling Jahara a "deadbeat" mother, shame on you. She is the absolute best mother I know.

Thank you so much, that honestly means a lot.

Because having a child at 19/20 makes you mature? You speak and write like an illiterate moron, you don't have your license or a job. You would think you would see the importance of having your license if youhave a child in case something happens while your bf is at work. Typical dead beat loser

Deadbeat? LMAO. Says the person hiding behind a computer. I am FAR from a deadbeat mother. Say it to my face baby girl.
& my boyfriend works from home (:
Funny that you think you know my life. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

I love the outfits of the day you post on ig of your baby so cute :]

Thank you! I enjoy posting them. It gives me an excuse to try and have her wear a different outfit everyday because she has SO much clothes. Lol

You needed to BEFORE you had a baby

Lol. Get a life. Funny thing is, you probably haven't seen me in years so you have no clue what I look like. IMMATURE.


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