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What makes parenting bad ?

When your not on my trajectory
On the same page with me
I think about the big picture and not myself

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Why haven't you tried to help her? You play the hero pilot on your hill. Saving everyone but the person you broke

Whenever I’ve tried her pride/ego takes over.
Theres a difference between shifting blame
And being responsible/ accountable for our individual choices

Why do I sometimes feel so desperate to be with someone and feel the need to change myself in order to fit into their idea of “beautiful”? I don’t think love should require one to abandon themselves and who they are at their core in order to please someone else.

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Merve what up
Yeah I feel you. You and everything you experienced has made you who you are they can either love it or leave it. Now when it comes to relationships
That’s when we enter a different type of give and take (compromise). No two are exactly alike. You learn ti meet in the middle. This way
You don’t lose your individual identity.
I hope this helps.

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I can't take this I'm literally dying of a broken heart

I think I’ve died she mopped the floor with my love

What’s the last song you had stuck in your head? “Runaway” by Del Shannon has been haunting me for two weeks…

“I’m addicted” Serge Devant ft Hadley

I know that you are most of the people on here and the reason I know that is because you like to see what people say to other people about you that's just how you are I know these things or you'll block me from one name but not another just to see what I do to see if I'll answer your questions

Yeah I
So seems your observant
Are you a programmer for this app?
2 A hacker be it white or black
Etc what if your purpose?

Does milk drip down your chin when you eat cereal? I need to know if I am normal.

Ahhh deep sigh
Friend what does it matter
Do you have a hard time accepting your self?
The answer is yes it has before
But what is normal what if we are different would you could you be okay with that?

You can gift me the silent treatment all you want but deep inside you're happy & that's all that matters. That I made you happy

Did you do any thing I asked.

You probably don't remember anything ever since the demonic entities took over your vessel huh??

Who are you?

Would you rather be called a fake person or a toxic person?

I would say I’m a man who at times makes mistakes
I would sometimes react instead of response
I had probably traumas I had to deal with
But I can understand why people would say those things or even why I have said those things

Do you believe in sticking with the same person that you've been with for years

quincyjamil84’s Profile PhotoQuincy Randolph
I believe in monogamy
But I don’t believe people stay the same they either grow,digress or stay stagnant until they are forced to evolve. To a certain extant

Have you ever been in love?

I have been shown true Love from the Father through His Jesus in the Power of the Holy Spirit
This Love that I did not deserve as many (All) might think they do when they do not, it is a type of Love that makes you question
In truth I don’t think I could’ve done it without The Devine Orchestrator
As it is written in
1 Corinthians 13
in this Ancient text I learned what Love is and I learned how misconstrued my idea of Love was.
Ever since then you could say I’ve been in love with God
Who has mercifully taken me back time and time again
When I have fallen
He has Loved me…..
We love because He first Loved us

When was the last time you craved a long hug? You know, the kind that makes you forget whatever is happening around you for a few minutes

Morgen_muffel’s Profile PhotoMorgen_muffel
As I read this
The voice within said mmmhhmhh
As the weight from my shoulders dropped for just a second
I became relaxed which just reminds me how long I’ve been carrying some of which hasn’t been mine.
In order for me
To even release
I need to trust
But who has prove themselves worthy to me
Hardly N E 1
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Tell me 5 unique words that express what you are all about

Total Depravity
Beatific vision


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