When and how did you come across Kamen Rider?

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Pretty much by luck, actually. A friend of my introduced me to Kamen Rider last year and showed me a few videos and PVs (such as this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POS2ae6aL5Ijdkluv’s Video 111491612895 POS2ae6aL5I). She told me I could start with any Kamen Rider show and be just fine, so I decided to start from the very beginning, since I tend to start a series from the very beginning to see how it has evolved with the pass of the years.
I'm currently at episode 15 of Kamen Rider Ichigo (original 1971 series). This shit was absolutely crazy, but I'm enjoying it a lot so far. Also, dat kazoo jesus christ.

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