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What if I actually want to talk to you? No bullshit. Let's just chill, and see if we hit it off? Only reason I don't neessage is because indnt think you like me

I do like you

So what’s stopping you from calling me and saying how we feel about us, watching me and talking on here like why you watching like you want me back if you’re watching me, just do something n reach out, you know I would answer and work it out between us, talk to me we have something, don’t waste it

Maybe I lost your number or you still have me on block. Either way. You wanted space and I was a “stage 5 clinger”. So if you feel the same then as you do now. Why don’t you put your best foot forward and contact me? I’m open and receptive to talking it out. But understand I have boundaries now and please respect them.

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I want you to be happy and work on your hobbies and build yourself from yourself

That’s great

If you waiting for me to reach out ….. dont!

Not holding my breath why all the rage inside? Was I a stage 5 clinger?


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